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Welcome to your trusted data-centric solution provider for the telecommunication industry in progressive economies.
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Experience the power of our expertise, unmatched technology, excellent customer service, and tailored solutions. Let us help you prevent fraud, assure your revenues and enhance operational efficiency. Let’s jointly drive success through innovation in your telecommunications business.


We’re pioneers in the field, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in telecom solutions. Our patented technologies set new standards for performance and accuracy.


We embrace collaboration as the cornerstone of our approach. Working with LATRO is not only efficient but also enjoyable. Our adaptability and “can do” attitude ensure we tailor our solutions to your unique requirements.


Our team consists of seasoned professionals who understand the telecom industry inside and out. We excel at showcasing the tangible benefits our solutions bring to your business.

Global Reach

With a strong regional footprint and international operations, we’re equipped to serve telecom providers in progressive economies across the world.

Customer Centricity

We prioritize building strong relationships with our clients, ensuring that we are always accessible, responsive, and ready to address their needs.

Results Driven

Our experienced team understands the telecom industry and excels at showcasing the tangible benefits our solutions bring.

For more than a decade, LATRO has been an indispensable cornerstone of the telecommunications industry. Our diverse clientele ranges from expansive multinational corporations to nimble boutique service providers. What sets us apart and forms the bedrock of our success is our unparalleled global reach. We’ve strategically positioned our presence across the world, ensuring that we are not only connected to the pulse of the industry but also closely attuned to the unique needs of our valued customers.

Our Offering

Protects telecom operators from various types of fraud including bypass and interconnect fraud, using advanced detection and prevention systems.

Focuses on Telecom Revenue and Business Assurance, ensuring accuracy in revenue streams and business operations through comprehensive risk management and process optimization.

Offers data analytics and insights for telecom operators, leveraging big data and AI/ML for optimized network performance, customer segmentation, and innovative marketing strategies.

Our Consulting, Forensics and Managed Services, blending expert manpower and efficient operations to manage the complexity and agility of telecom networks, ensuring cost efficiency and operational maturity.

Global reach

At LATRO, we’ve always operated with our signature LATRO approach—defined by the meticulous grid of our operations and the fervent passion that drives us forward. This approach shapes the very essence of our service, empowering us to consistently deliver solutions that are not only innovative but also rooted in a deep understanding of the telecommunications landscape. Our commitment to excellence, paired with our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, has firmly established LATRO as a trusted partner in the ever-evolving world of telecommunications.

Named Top 10 Overall Vendor (Roaming, Messaging and Fraud and Security) in ROCCO’s “Top 10 Vendors of 2020” Report (2021)

Ranked 11th on ROCCO’s Top 50 Innovators in Telecom Fraud and Security List (2020)

Our Customers and Partners

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Our Offices

(USA – HQ)

312 E Walnut Street,
Lancaster, PA 17602,
United States
Phone: +1.610.438.4825


306 S. New Street, Suite #110, Bethlehem, PA 18015,
United States
Phone: +1.610.438.4825


E6-612 Dubai Silicon Oasis Headquarters
Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE


Main Street
Sherpur, Kabul
Phone: +93703470470