We are glad you are considering a career with us.

Here at LATRO, our vision is to protect incomes in the developing world through advanced technology. We believe helping our customers safeguard their bottom lines powers investment and fuels job sustainment and growth in the markets we serve.

We believe that when our customers achieve real financial gains as a result of partnering with us, they can reinvest and expand their infrastructure, helping close the communications and information gap for the unconnected. This energizes us and we are glad you are considering a career with us!

Proactive decisions prevent revenue loss - Versassure

We’ve been beating fraud in the telecom industry for more than 10 years, delivering the fastest speed of detection in the Fraud Management market and having broadened into the Revenue Assurance sector over the last few years.  And we continue to progress toward new technologies and solutions that will bolster our contributions to fueling investment and closing the connectivity gaps around the globe.

At LATRO, empower our employees to make heroes of our customers

We couldn’t do what we do without our diverse, talented team of professionals speaking more than 10 languages and helping us deliver our solutions in more than fifty international markets.  Every day, they demonstrate grit and humility.  They are seasoned technical and business industry experts energized by collaborating to ensure the financial health of our customers in developing markets and driving innovation to solve their complex business problems.

We value and place high importance on our team members’ ability to simplify the complex through innovation, persevere in the presence of adversity, and maintain a humbly and confident own of execution. Because we operate in a global space, we appreciate our team embodying client-minded energy and thriving in a multi-cultural global marketplace. These core values embody who we are as a team and drive our success, woven into everything we do, including our internal processes, such as our performance management framework. We are intrigued you are considering a career with us!

We are glad you are considering a career with us
LATRO Employees Worldwide

LATRO has offices in the United States, United Arab Emirates, and Afghanistan, with a significant number of our team members working remotely from around the world as well.

We believe our compelling mission, vision and values – and our resulting collaborative corporate culture – set us apart, in addition to our recognized brand and industry connections. Our employees are actively engaged as they progress in their personal and professional learning and development journey with us.

With our eyes set on 2030, we have the vision of protecting incomes in all of the developing world.

Will you join us?