LATRO Collaborates with Leading Technology Providers. Let’s work together to make a sustainable impact

As a LATRO Partner, you gain access to some of the leading innovations in the Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management space today. You also become effectively positioned to help solve some of the most complex problems facing telecom operators and national regulators in the regions you serve. Find out how you can partner with us.

  • #1 in Innovation

Partner with the most innovative company in the RAFM space

From Signaling Analytics and a Multi-Layered Approach to Fraud Management, to Near Real-Time Revenue Assurance and more, you will be able to introduce some of the most effective solutions in the market to your customers.

  • #1 in Pre-Sales & Post-Sales Support

Receive support from our global team of experts

No matter where you are in the world, our pre-sales specialists and experienced analysts will support you through the entirety of the project and help you ensure that your clients are satisfied.

  • #1 in Training & Resources

Succeed with our provided training program

We invest in creating and providing training resources to train and equip you to succeed. We offer webinars, conferences, and exclusive training sessions to help you differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

  • #1 in Teamwork

Team up with the best

We have a team that pays attention to what is important. What we can learn, we learn. What we can improve, we improve. What we can change, we change. We’re honest with each other. And we’re honest with our clients.

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