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LATRO Executive Advisory Board

The Executive Advisory Board guides critical areas of the business. Here’s a quick introduction to that advisory leadership team.

William “Lex” Wilkinson
William “Lex” WilkinsonCo-Founder & Chairman
William “Lex” Wilkinson is a Co-Founder of LATRO and chairs the Executive Advisory Team. Lex was an early pioneer in combatting cellular fraud. Having left a fourteen-year career in military and civilian law enforcement, Lex co-launched the first Wireless Fraud Task Force (WFTF), organized and funded by the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA). He later joined Rural Cellular Company (RCC) as a VP and corporate officer with RAFM and BSS oversight. After Verizon acquired RCC in 2008, Lex became a Director at Verizon with primary responsibility for international GSM roaming integration and acquisitions. He left Verizon in 2010 and co-founded LATRO. Having served as LATRO’s first CEO since the company’s inception until 2021, he is deeply familiar with LATRO’s markets, customers, and strategy. Lex continues to provide executive oversight to LATRO’s senior leadership team and business strategy.
Don Reinhart
Don ReinhartCo-Founder & CEO
Donald Reinhart is a Co-Founder and the CEO of LATRO. Don has more than 25 years of experience working with leading telecom vendors and mobile operators around the world. He has been extensively involved in designing some of the innovative LATRO solutions in the RAFM space with hands-on experience in implementing them across the Asian, African, and Middle Eastern markets. Based in LATRO’s Dubai, UAE office, Don leads business strategy development and execution, providing executive oversight for the company’s senior management team. He holds BS in Physics and MBA in Finance degrees from Bucknell University and Johns Hopkins University, respectively. Before co-founding LATRO, Don was employed at Tektronix, a global leader in electronic and communications test solutions.
Emory Ware
Emory Ware Executive & Corporate Finance Advisor
Emory Ware has served as an executive advisor and corporate finance advisor to LATRO since 2018. Emory has more than 35 years in the finance and banking industry. He served in executive-level positions among three major regional banks in the United States, most recently as the Regional President of Park Sterling Bank, supporting its 2017 merger with South State Bank, a publicly-traded bank based in South Carolina. In addition, Emory led the successful investment and transformation of Texaco oil distributor, F. Gregorie and Son, supporting the company’s three-year hypergrowth performance from $3M to $65M. As a member of the Executive Advisory Team, Emory provides strategic inputs to LATRO’s senior management team, corporate finance strategy, and business operations.
Michael Hancock
Michael Hancock Corporate & Legal Advisor
Michael Hancock is a practicing corporate attorney with more than 30 years of experience within the international technology and telecom sector. Michael served as General Counsel for Ooredoo Group based in Qatar for 10 years, supporting the regional telecom conglomerate’s expansion in the Gulf, Africa, and Asia. Most recently, he spent two years working with Google’s Alphabet subsidiary, Loon, supporting innovative 4G connectivity to the African continent. Michael has been providing legal counsel and support to LATRO since 2021 and joined the company’s Executive Advisory Team in the same year. Michael advises LATRO’s senior leadership team on corporate strategy with a focus on legal matters.

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