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Cellular Forensics Lab

LATRO’s CFL experts assist our clients with their investigations requiring cell phone forensics and CDR analysis & mapping.

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Cellphones and mobile devices can be critical pieces of evidence in a crime. It can also be challenging to put the puzzle pieces together after a crime has been committed, especially when a person’s life or freedom is at stake.

Our Cellular Forensics Solutions employ our expertise in the telecom world, big data, and advanced analytics to cellular forensics to help attorneys and law enforcement sift through the data to ensure they make the suitable case and justice is served.

  • Cell Phone Forensics & Investigative Specialists

  • Experienced Analysts in both Call Detail Records & Cell Phone Extraction Reports

  • State of the Art Forensic Equipment and Technology to Aid in Cellular Related and Private Investigations

  • Certified Expert U.S.A. Court Witness Experience

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Cellebrite Universal Forensic Extraction Data
CDR Analysis Catch a Murderer

How CDR Analysis Caught A Murderer

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Cellebrite Universal Forensic Extraction Data

Cell Phone Forensics

LATRO CFL utilizes the Cellebrite UFED (Universal Forensic Extraction Device) and associated software to either perform forensic examinations of digital devices or analyze the UFD files obtained from previously conducted Cellebrite examinations.

Call Detail Records (CDRs) Analysis & Mapping

LATRO CFL primarily uses CellHawk analytical software to analyze and map cell phone records. During this process, our analysts break down the large amount of data provided by the Mobile Network Operators into useable information that meets the needs of your specific investigation. Geolocating the general location where a phone was likely to have been during its use, pattern recognition, and many types of frequency analysis are just a few of the objectives we attempt to meet when analyzing CDRs.

Whether the case involves forensic examinations and/or CDR analysis, our clients can expect to receive comprehensive analysis, thorough reports, and accurate expert courtroom testimony from LATRO CFL.

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CDR Analysis Catch a Murderer

Private Investigations

LATRO’s experienced investigators assist our attorney clients with their criminal or civil cases by conducting thorough investigations and consulting with them along the way.

Meet Our Team

Director, Cellular Forensics Lab

Tom Beiser is a retired police detective with over 15 years of experience in cell phone forensics and cell phone records analysis.

As a member of the United States Navy from 1993 – 1998, Tom served as an Aviation Warfare Systems Operator managing the airborne radar and electronic surveillance equipment. In 2002 Tom joined the Easton Police Department where he worked for 15 years before retiring.

As a Detective with Easton, he specialized in Cellular Records Review and Analysis of records from all major United States mobile network operators and has been highly trained in cellular forensic examinations.

Tom has been qualified as an expert in numerous state courts in the fields of basic cellular technology, cellular forensics, CDR analysis, and historical cell site analysis. A CV is available upon request.

Administrative Support, Forensic Examiner

Nathan Hatzfeld joined LATRO’s US based team in 2022. He holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Digital Forensics from DeSales University, and is pursuing his M.S. in Cybersecurity with a concentration in Digital Forensics.
Nate’s training includes the analysis of digital evidence with the aid of several different platforms including EnCase, Autopsy, Axiom, FTK imager, and Cellebrite.

Steve Schumacher is LATRO’s VP of Operations, and he leads a team of analysts, project managers, and technical experts to deliver tangible value, innovative solutions, and industry-best service to LATRO’s customers. Steve has been a member of the LATRO team since 2011, and has played an integral role in scaling operational support for LATRO’s rapidly growing customer base.

Steve leverages his broad technical experience with GSM and UMTS network infrastructure, IP networking, and RF-based geolocation techniques and his depth of knowledge related to technical fraud and business fraud cases to implement LATRO’s solutions with mobile telecommunication network operators and regulatory bodies across the world.

Steve holds a B.S. in Entrepreneurship and Economics from Grove City College.

Lee Meiners is a member of LATRO’s executive management team as Vice President of the Solutions Business Unit, leading the company’s strategic commercial relationships and technology partner integrations.

Lee began his career in the federal law enforcement community, having held positions with both the US Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. These positions included years of intense, high profile digital forensics work exposing him to the latest methods and technology available in the digital forensics’ community, which helped inform high-level direction at LATRO’s cellular forensics lab. Lee’s position with the US Secret Service later transitioned him into secure communications realm, opening the door to his security and anti-fraud positions with AT&T and eventually LATRO.

Lee holds a B.S. in Political Science and a Minor in Management Information Systems from Miami University of Oxford.

Ihab  Shayeb serves as the Director of Solutions Architecture for LATRO and senior technical advisor to the company’s executive management team.

Ihab holds a MBA, as well as a B.S. in Electrical Engineering / Communication.  He has been working in the telecommunication industry for over twenty years, including experience across mobile network operators, MVNOs, and tier one network infrastructure vendors.  Ihab held key management roles with Zain, Virgin Mobile, and Ericsson.  This experience covers multiple domains within the industry from radio to core network segments as well as VAS and BSS systems.

Meghan James is the Senior Analyst for LATRO. She serves as the company’s Analyst Team Lead, Bypass Fraud Subject Mater Expert, and key contributor to in-house product and solutions development.

After graduating from Mercyhurst University with a bachelor’s degree in Intelligence Studies, Meghan joined LATRO in 2015. Her experience supporting LATRO’s telecommunications customers spans global regions including stints at the company’s US East Coast offices as well as its Middle East offices in Dubai, UAE. Since working for LATRO, Meghan has facilitated dozens of customer training sessions on GSM technology, Signaling Analytics, and Telecommunications Fraud.

Meghan participates in several of LATRO’s leading industry associations including the GSMA Fraud and Security Group, Communications Fraud Control Association, and Risk Assurance Group.

Sarah Stirrup is an Analyst on LATRO’s Operations Team.  She works with a team of specialized telecom revenue assurance and fraud management analysts, supporting operations to the company’s global clients.

Sarah holds a M.A. in National Security Policy and Strategy, and a B.A. in Intelligence Studies and Public Health.   She has been working in the telecommunications sector with LATRO since 2018.  She provisions, implements, and manages innovative fraud control solutions within many challenging environments including a diverse set of developing markets worldwide.  Sarah has provided on-site as well as remote support for geo-location operations in numerous countries across Africa and Asia.

Tamer Elsamaloty is a Field Engineer with LATRO. He has over 28 years of experience in the fields of wireless communications, geolocation of fraudulent cellular systems, signals intelligence, and linguistic services.

As a member of the United States Army from 1993 – 2004, Tamer served as an Arabic linguist and Electronic Warfare Operator. He holds a B.S. from Dayton University in Electrical Engineering Technology, and has been leading on-site investigations of illegal telecom activities across the Americas, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East for LATRO since 2013.

Tamer is also the lead engineer for evaluating new geo-location technology for LATRO, enabling the company to remain at the forefront of innovative solutions.

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