Fraud Management

Telecom operators face the constant challenge of preventing and managing fraud in their networks. Fraudulent activities such as international bypass fraud, CLI masking, and off-net bypass can result in significant financial losses for the operators. To combat these threats, telecom operators have relied on various fraud management solutions, and for more than a decade, LATRO has been a leading provider in this field. LATRO’s solutions have effectively prevented telecom fraud, including international bypass (SIM box) fraud, CLI masking (refiling), and off-net bypass. This page explores the importance of effective fraud management in telecom and how LATRO’s solutions can help operators mitigate these risks.

Types of International Bypass Fraud

Introducing Versalytics™

Versalytics is LATRO’s Advanced Analytics Solution for Fraud Management and Prevention. It brings some of the most innovative solutions (like Signaling Analytics, Protocol Signature, Pre-Call Detection, Multi-Layered Approach, and more) from LATRO together to help telecom operators and national regulators take the fight back to the fraudster. Combined with the expertise and industry-wide experience of LATRO’s analysts, Versalytics enables you to beat fraud before it occurs.

SIM Box Fraud - International Bypass Fraud

International (SIM Box) Bypass Fraud

Fraudsters bypass legitimate routes and use VoIP “Grey Routes” to terminate traffic towards GSM Gateways (SIM Boxes) located in the destination network. It remains one of the most common and revenue damaging types of telecom frauds worldwide. Check out how you can not just stop but eliminate this fraud.

Off Net Bypass Fraud - SIM Box Fraud

Off-Net SIM Box Bypass Fraud

Are you struggling with the challenges of fighting Off-Net SIM Box Fraud in your networks? Find out how we can help you.

CLI Masking Bypass Fraud

CLI Refiling Fraud

CLI Refiling can sometimes be mistaken for SIM Box Bypass Fraud or False Positive occurrences (if normal subscriber CLIs are being spoofed). Ultimately, the terminating Operator incurs a revenue loss due to international incoming traffic with manipulated CLIs that do not match the originating A-Party.

Mobile SIM Box Bust powered by LATRO

Geolocation of SIM Box Operations

LATRO can help you locate and bust illegal SIM Box operations, stopping the fraudsters who operate them. Eliminating SIM Box Operations results in an immediate increase in your International Incoming Minutes.

Regulator Services for Fraud Management - Telecom

Regulator Services

We provide the tools and solutions for regulators to detect fraudulent operations that eat away into the growth of your nation and protect your citizens.

Market Tracker is available on App Store and Play Store

Wholesale Rate Analytics

LATRO’s Market Tracker™ tool gives you insight into thousands of traffic rates for your country (including your competitors’ rates).

LATRO Guarantee Model For Fraud Management

What is the LATRO Guarantee Model?

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