CLI Refiling Fraud

Sometimes referred to as CLI Refiling, CLI Masking, CLI Spoofing, or re-origination, this type of interconnect bypass fraud exploits charging differences for arbitrage. CLI Refiling results in a cheaper interconnect rate, which leads to increased profits for the fraudster and revenue loss for the terminating Operator. LATRO has worked with dozens of Operators and has employed an effective solution to detect and prevent CLI Refiling Fraud.

CLI Refiling can sometimes be mistaken for SIM Box Bypass Fraud or False Positive occurrences (if normal subscriber CLIs are being spoofed). Ultimately, the terminating Operator incurs a revenue loss due to international incoming traffic with manipulated CLIs that do not match the originating A-Party.

Indicators your network could be a victim of CLI Refiling Fraud:

    1. Decrease in incoming international traffic and increase in domestic transit traffic
    2. Sudden increase in incoming international traffic from a specific operator or country
    3. Increase in calls from unallocated local numbering ranges
    4. Increase in normal subscriber CLIs detected through TCG

Over the past five years, we have noticed an increase in Refiling fraud among operators in specific markets. Traditional methods of detection are not effective in stopping this type of fraud.

Ongoing Challenges of CLI Masking

  • Difficult to identify fraud origination due to complex Interconnect cloud

  • Illegal in most markets and often a violation of interconnect contract terms between operators

  • Limited data available to support investigation due to lack of CDR generation for traditional TCG campaigns (zero duration calls)

CLI Masking or Refiling Bypass Fraud

LATRO provides a multi-layered approach for CLI Refiling Fraud detection and prevention. Our customized solution lets us work intimately with our customers to detect, block, and prevent CLI Refiling fraud on their networks.

Versalytics for Telecom Fraud Prevention

Investigation of Refiled CLIs

LATRO works closely with your Carrier Department and regulators to provide supporting evidence of Refiling Fraud on your network.

Investigation of Refiled CLIs
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