Geolocate & SIM Box Busting

For more than a decade, LATRO has helped telecom regulators, ministries, operators, and law enforcement agencies physically locate and bust fraudulent SIM Box Operations.

It’s not over ‘til it’s over!

LATRO can help you to geolocate fraud SIM Box operations within any network and bust them, thereby stopping the fraudsters who operate them. Eliminating this SIM Box Operations results in an immediate increase in your International Incoming Minutes. Our customers typically achieve more than double-digit multiples in ROI when implementing Geolocation Services with LATRO.

Geolocation Services can be used by:

  • Telecom Operators
  • National Telecom Regulators
  • Government Ministries
  • Law Enforcement Agencies

Main applications and more:

  • Eliminate fraudulent SIM Box Operations
  • Punish fraudsters with jail time and financial penalties (per your country’s law)
  • Prevent Revenue Loss for Operators and the National Economy
  • Crackdown on anti-national/criminal organizations raising funds from bypass activities
    and more
All photos are from live busts conducted by LATRO and concerned authorities. All photos are owned by LATRO. No duplication is allowed.

Flexibility of Applications

LATRO’s Geolocation Services can be implemented with or without access to current fraud detections and CDRs.

Versalytics Geolocation Basic

When you have:

  • Current fraud detections
  • CDRs of fraud detections
  • Cell Plans

Versalytics Geolocation Advanced

When you have:

  • Limited fraud detections
  • Slow/Restricted CDRs of fraud detections
  • High risk areas
  • Suspicion of Internal Fraud
Geolocation of Fraud Locations SIM Box

First-Mile to Last-Mile Locations

LATRO is the only provider that can geolocate fraud SIM Box operations (detect) the first mile (within 200-400 meters) and last mile (within 1 meter) physical locations of fraudulent SIM Box Operations. This means you get to take the fraudulent device out of business.

Complete fraud visualization

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