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The LATRO Guarantee Model

The LATRO Guarantee Model helps telecom operators and communication service providers take the risk out of their Fraud Management strategy, providing both a Return on Investment (ROI) guarantee and access to LATRO’s innovations and services.


To be honest, why not?

For more than a decade, LATRO has helped customers in some of the most challenging parts of the world fight back against International Bypass (SIM Box) Fraud. We have worked closely with customers to understand their challenges and create the best solutions and services for each situation. The outcome of most of these solutions and services? Not just detecting or blocking fraud but also eliminating and preventing it from happening again.

So, we’ve decided to push the envelope. If we are so confident in our innovative solutions, what if we would guarantee the results? We asked some of our customers what they thought of this idea, and we received positive feedback all around. Now, we want to open the door to anyone interested in getting guaranteed, high-impact results in their fraud strategy.

LATRO Guarantee Model For Fraud Management

The LATRO Guarantee Model works for:

  • International (SIM Box) Bypass Fraud – On Net
  • International (SIM Box) Bypass Fraud – Off-Net Fraud

  • CLI Refiling (Masking)

Guarantee Fraud Management Results with LATRO
  • Lower Risks and Protect Investments

Focus on results that impact your bottom line

The LATRO Guarantee Model allows you to maintain high confidence throughout the project. This will enable you to focus on results that impact your network and your bottom line.

  • Expertise & Innovation

Implement the most effective, industry-recognized solutions to fight fraud in your networks

Take advantage of LATRO’s unique multi-layered portfolio, including Artificial Intelligence-powered Advanced Analytics, Signaling Analytics, CDR Analysis, and Test Calls, combined with our expert analyst support.

LATRO Expertise and Innovation
Guaranteed Results in SIM Box Fraud - Bypass Fraud
  • Responsible Results

Your results are guaranteed!

Practical, pre-approved, and agreed-upon KPIs are created for every project and reviewed to confirm project success.

We now interrupt this webpage to show you some of the reactions from our customers when we introduced them to the LATRO Guarantee Model.

LATRO Guarantee Customer Reactions

We saw those jaws drop!

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