International Off-Net (SIM Box) Bypass Fraud

Most Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are familiar with the challenges of fighting Off-Net SIM Box Fraud effecting their networks. We understand your problem and have an effective solution that successfully combats Off-Net Bypass Fraud.

Off-Net SIM Box Fraud remains a challenge for MNOs worldwide despite successful controls in place for On-Net SIM Box Fraud.

Fraudsters bypass legitimate routes and use VoIP “Grey Routes” to terminate traffic towards GSM Gateways (SIM Boxes) located in the destination network. When SIM Card availability and promotional offers are more attractive for one MNO in a country, fraudsters capitalize on the opportunity to acquire and install SIM Cards from this MNO in their SIM Box. These SIMs can then be used to terminate incoming international traffic towards another (Off-Network) MNO, causing an increase in illegitimate incoming Off-Net (local) traffic towards the victim network.

Ongoing Challenges of Off-Net SIM Box Fraud

  • Advanced Fraud Technology Beats Conventional Detection Methods

  • Fraudsters Continuously Evolve their Tactics

  • Legacy Usage Analysis And Active Test Calling Are Less Effective

Off-Net (SIM Box) Bypass Fraud

LATRO provides a multi-layered approach for detecting and blocking Off-Net SIM Box Fraud. Our customized solution allows us to work intimately with our customers to detect, block, and eliminate Off-Net bypass fraud on their networks.

Versalytics for Telecom Fraud Prevention
Increase Your Off-Net Detection

Increase Your Off-Net Detection

Advanced Timing, B-Party Analysis of CDR and Signaling xDRs, in addition to TCG campaigns towards your network, provides actionable insight into Off-Net threats impacting your network.

Active Off-Net Blocker

You can access a customized network-based blocking system that actively investigates all incoming voice calls before releasing fraudulent calls or allowing legitimate calls into your network.

Active Off-Net Blocker
Off Net SIM Box Fraud

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On-Net SIM Box Bypass Fraud

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