International (SIM Box) Bypass Fraud

For over a decade, LATRO has successfully stopped bypass fraud before it occurs across networks worldwide. Have you taken advantage of LATRO’s SIM Box Bypass Fraud Detection and Prevention solutions to win your fight against fraudsters?

International Bypass Fraud or SIM Box Fraud remains one of the most common and revenue damaging types of telecom frauds worldwide.

Fraudsters bypass legitimate routes and use VoIP “Grey Routes” to terminate traffic toward GSM Gateways (SIM Boxes) located in the destination network. This fraudulent approach leads to high profits for Grey Route providers and SIM Box fraudsters (who are sometimes the same) since international calls are terminated as local GSM calls with minimal overhead.

Traditional SIM Box Bypass fraud detection and prevention methods are no longer effective in stopping this type of fraud. Telecom Operators must equip themselves with pro-active tools that work in real-time to detect and prevent fraud.

Ongoing Challenges of SIM Box Fraud

  • Advanced Fraud Technology Beats Conventional Detection Methods

  • Fraudsters Continuously Evolve their Tactics

  • Legacy Usage Analysis and Active TCG (Test Calls) Are Less Effective

SIM Box Bypass Fraud Detection and Prevention

LATRO provides one of the most innovative solutions in the RAFM market for combating International Bypass Fraud. Our unique technology has enabled us to help our customers find a long-term solution to the problem. Our team works with you to eliminate your SIM Box Bypass fraud problem, not just detect it.

SIM Box Bypass Fraud Detection and Prevention
SIM Box Bypass Fraud Detection and Prevention
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Multi-Layered Approach to Fighting SIM Box Fraud

In addition to conventional CDR analysis and TCG, LATRO’s proprietary Versalytics technology uses more extensive data sets to detect fraud before fraud occurs, creating a multi-layered anti-fraud approach.

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Protocol Signature™

LATRO’s game-changing, proprietary technology fuels your need for the fastest speed possible in detecting fraud independent of IMSI or IMEI activities. To learn more, click here.

SIM Box Bypass Fraud Detection and Prevention
SIM Box Bypass Fraud Detection and Prevention
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Pre-Call Detection™

The only solution on the market that can detect fraudulent SIM Boxes before any grey route calls enter your network, Pre-Call Detection™ helps you proactively fight back against fraudsters.

SIM Box Bypass Fraud Detection and Prevention

What is Signaling Analytics?

Versalytics™ can process real-time protocol signaling data from various probe hardware nodes to provide advanced fraud detection. Signaling Analytics leverages Network Protocol Analysis to recognize the signature of the SIM Box as it comes on the network, blocking the use of any SIM Card used on the SIM Box’s modem. This technology was exclusively developed by LATRO over ten (10) years ago and is leveraged in our proprietary technologies like Pre-Call Detection™ and Protocol Signature™, which allow our customers worldwide not just to detect but prevent fraud.

Signaling Analytics quickly and proactively differentiates fraudulent SIM Server and SIM Box devices from normal subscribers within the network. LATRO is the only vendor in the RAFM market that fully takes advantage of Signaling Analytics and provides the leading edge to our customers in their fight against telecom fraud.

Speed Comparison

Average detection speeds of Signaling Analytics vs CDR Analytics vs Test (TCG) Calls

Signaling Analytics

5 secs

Signaling Analytics takes, on average, 5 seconds to detect a fraudulent device. It can detect fraudulent devices before they make a fraudulent call.

CDR Analytics

60 mins

CDR Analytics can only detect fraud after a call is made from a fraudulent device and causes revenue loss. The average detection time is around 60 minutes.

Test Calls (TCG)

48 hours

Test Calls are the oldest technology used in fraud management and have the biggest lag in detecting fraudulent, revenue loss-causing calls at 2 days.

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Immune to Advanced Fraud Tactics

With LATRO’s innovative technology for combating International Bypass Fraud, you don’t have to worry about advanced SIM Servers, Human Behavior Simulators (HBS), Off-Net Fraud, Mobile SIM Boxes, or other advanced fraud tactics employed by fraudsters.

Immune to advanced fraud methods
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Utilize Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Predictive Analysis and Quicker Detection

We leverage our datasets to train our systems to analyze and predict fraud patterns that help close the gaps in your Fraud Management strategy.

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Geolocation of Fraud Operations

You can locate, bust, and confiscate SIM Box equipment on your network and take legal action against fraudsters stealing your revenue using LATRO’s Geolocation services (with local Law Enforcement support).

Geolocation of Fraud Locations of Bypass Fraud
On Net Blocker
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Take Advantage of Our On-Net Blocker to Block Fraudulent SIMs

Leave the SIM Card blocking to us! We can create a real-time blocking solution based on your network’s infrastructure and your business needs.

Signaling Analytics Fraud Management

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