Wangiri Fraud (Robocalls) Detection and Prevention

For years, fraudsters have used the “one-ring scam” to entice users to unknowingly call back premium-rate international numbers, causing enormous irritation and losses for the user. LATRO provides telecom operators with one of the most advanced Wangiri Fraud (Robocalls) Detection and Prevention solutions– Signaling Analytics.

The purpose of a Wangiri attack is to solicit callbacks to premium-rate numbers, so the fraudster will make as many calls to subscribers as quickly as possible. Since the short calls are not answered and do not generate a call record, it may be difficult for an operator to block the Wangiri numbers efficiently. There is also no cost to the fraudster for making the short call attempts.

Ongoing Challenges of Wangiri Fraud

  • Large volumes of calls delivered to target networks with no apparent intention of establishing a setup

  • Wholesale carriers attempting to manipulate route performance metrics

  • No CDRs are generated because the calls are not terminated (missed calls only)

Wangiri Fraud Articles
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Signaling Analytics for Wangiri Fraud (Robocalls)

Since there are no CDRs generated from the missed call attempts, one of the best tools to defend against Wangiri attacks is LATRO’s Signaling Analytics. LATRO’s Signaling Analytics allows our analyst team to analyze call attempts that are made on the host network. LATRO’s Versalytics Wangiri Fraud (Robocalls) Detection and Prevention Tool leverages Signaling Analytics and uses our expertise across numerous projects around the world to characterize International Calling Party CLIs.

Several industry associations including the Risk Assurance Group, sponsor knowledge and information sharing programs to help the telecom community deal with menaces like Wangiri or “One Ring” attacks. LATRO supports and contributes to these efforts as a result of our ongoing work.

Versalytics for Telecom Fraud Prevention
  • LATRO offers the fastest speed of detection through Signaling Analytics
  • Signaling Analytics provides proactive insight into Wangiri, Zero Duration Call Flooding, and other non-billable events
  • RAG Wangiri Blockchain Ledger is available as an industry collaboration initiative combating Wangiri Fraud

Zero Duration Call Flooding

When large volumes of calls are delivered to target networks with no apparent intention of establishing a setup, or when wholesale carriers attempt to manipulate route performance metrics or stimulate callbacks to inflate outgoing traffic volume, this is known as Zero Duration Call Flooding.

Active Member of the RAG Wangiri Blockchain Project

We actively share information with the industry to help curb this menacing type of fraud. Our unique technologies and relationships with our customers help detect these fraudulent numbers before they can create big havoc in networks.

During the pilot phase of the RAG Wangiri project alone, we were able to contribute more than 15,000 numbers to the RAG Wangiri Blockchain.

For more information on how you can fight back against Wangiri Calls (Robocalls), contact us.

Risk and Assurance Group - RAG Logo

The RAG Wangiri Blockchain Consortium is a coming together of telcos and vendors with a common interest in reducing the number of Wangiri fraud calls received by phone users. The consortium does this by using blockchain technology to share intelligence in near to real-time about actual Wangiri calls that have already occurred. This data will help telcos and suppliers improve the algorithms and reference data used for the proactive management of future calls, increasing the likelihood of correctly identifying a Wangiri call before the intended victim suffers harm.
From the official RAG Wangiri Blockchain Consortium website

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