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Versatile Expert Managed Services Support for Your Telecom Enterprise. LATRO offers Managed Value Added Services (VAS) solutions for telecom operators, including network infrastructure management and tailored VAS solutions to meet your business needs.

Versatile Expert Managed Services Support for Your Telecom Enterprise

The world is changing. As the telecommunications and mobile network industry evolves with the digital economy, many core services to operational continuity are at risk. Especially within key developing markets, major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are exiting- focusing their resources and business models on 5G expansions and less volatile segments of the global communications ecosystem. As a result, the expert support for business-critical infrastructure and systems that drive vital voice and pre-fifth generation data revenue streams is becoming scarce, threatening the stability of reliable telecommunications services in emerging markets. And this is where our Managed Services and Value Added Services (VAS) solutions come.

Top Reasons for LATRO’s Managed Services and Value Added Services (VAS) solutions

  • Two decades of experience

    LATRO has nearly two decades of experience providing world class solutions and services to developing markets across the globe. Our team of experienced professionals know how to operate and support key telecom infrastructure in challenging and volatile markets. We work with our customers to design and implement managed services which ensure business continuity, protect operating margins, and maximize existing infrastructure investment. Through hybrid approaches to on-premises and off-shore support resourcing, we are prepared to deliver the support our telecom customers demand and expect from top tier OEMs.

  • Expert Manpower

    Our VersaServices team has hands-on experience across the telecom enterprise, supporting a wide range of Intelligent Network (IN), Value Added Services (VAS), and Online and Converged Charging Systems (OCS/CCS) nodes. In particular, our expert professionals are proficient with Ericsson, Comviva, Seamless, and Apliman as well as other global OEMs.

  • Effective Transition Plans

    We are prepared to partner with you, our MNO and telecom services provider customers, to define support transition plans that address your operational continuity requirements. Whether you are managing a legacy OEM exit or implementing a strategic operating cost reduction initiative, we can design effective transition plans to meet the timetables dictated by your operational requirements, achieving Ready for Service status at a budget and schedule that makes sense for your business.

  • Next Generation Tools

    In addition to supporting you with skilled and experienced professionals, our team has the capacity to provide the required Performance & Traffic Monitoring (PTM), Ticketing, and Network Management System (NMS) tools to manage your enterprise systems. We offer handover plans to manage legacy tools systems including configuration and operations. Or we can supply next generation tools which leverage the latest innovative breeds of data lake and automation capabilities that drive resource efficiency into your organization, freeing your key staff to focus on revenue-generating tasks rather than reactive support tasks.

Let’s Talk About Your Expectations

A simple conversation with our expert professionals is all you need to get started. From there, we will partner with you to quickly develop a scope of work that meets your business requirements and satisfies your short- and long-term budget goals. Within weeks, you will be prepared to begin planning and resource allocation to ensure a smooth handover of support services that protect your core revenue streams while addressing and assuring all matters of business continuity and risk. This is how simple it is to adopt our Managed Value Added Services (VAS).

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