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Managed Services

LATRO provides managed services solutions for telecom operators for their Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management (RAFM). Over the decades, numerous communication service providers (CSPs) and national regulators of any size and market have protected their revenues through our solutions.

Find New Challenges

As portfolios of Communication Service Providers increase, business risk increases. Challenges increase due to revenue leakage, increased fraud activity, and today’s market challenges like competition, price erosion, and decreasing ARPU.

At LATRO, we understand the dilemma and designed our managed services portfolio around empowering our customers so that they can take the mind of their Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management (RAFM) problems. Instead, they can focus on new challenges and future growth.

Managed Services in RAFM for telecom operators and regulators

Top 5 Reasons for LATRO Managed Services

  • Cost Efficiency

    Capital available for large, strategic investments in business and revenue assurance functions is scarce these days. C-Suites no longer have the luxury of allocating multi-million dollar spending on Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management infrastructure and resources. On the other hand, RAMS requires no significant capital investments and offers high value through cost-effective operating expenses.

  • Expert Manpower

    The specialized experience and skillset required by a Revenue Assurance professional are scarce. Especially in developing markets where turnover risk is high for top talent, acquiring or developing expert RA personnel is a challenge. This has direct consequences on operational continuity and efficiency. The LATRO RAMS team provides the expert resources needed for project implementation whether remote or on-site.

  • Managing Complexity

    Adaptation to new network architectures and business process design are challenges for RA control implementations, especially for conventional tool-based approaches. The adaptions increase complexity, presenting multiple layers of challenges for systems owners including, often unbudgeted change request (CR) costs. RAMS offers a more flexible approach to help you manage increases in complexity due to ever-adapting scenarios within the business.

  • Agile Operations

    The RA function requires agility in adapting to the business and internal organizational dynamics. RAMS eliminates dependencies on transitional approaches to cross-functional roles and responsibilities within the organization. The result is increased consistency and commitment to the RA mission and ongoing operations.

  • Maturity

    Industry organizations such as the TM Forum have produced models for assessing an organization’s RA maturity in terms of technology, people, and processes. RAMS follows these models to assist you in increasing maturity within the enterprise through application of our customized frameworks to optimize control implementation, reducing risk to your most critical revenues.

Managed Services for Revenue Assurance

Our Revenue Assurance Managed Services (RAMS) empower telecommunications and communications services providers to manage risk, recover revenue, and implement controls, all contributing toward positive financial performance within the business. All without demanding scarce capital and high recurring operating expenses.

Revenue Assurance Managed Services

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Managed Services for Fraud Management

For more than a decade, LATRO has empowered telecom operators and national regulators to fight back against different types of telecom fraud. LATRO’s Managed Services for Fraud Management brings together industry experience spanning various continents and markets that adds value to the innovative solutions for our customers.

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