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Regulator Services

As National Regulators, you face the challenge of protecting your citizens, economies, and the country’s borders. We provide the tools and solutions for regulators to detect fraudulent operations that eat away into the growth of your nation and protect your citizens.

Partnering In Your Progress

The responsibility of a national telecom regulator is not to be taken lightly. You create policies that benefit the nation, regulate the different telecom operators, monitor and strategize fraud control measures, and maintain accountability.

At LATRO, we understand the burden that comes with the privilege of helping build your nation. We have partnered with multiple telecom regulators worldwide, helping them tackle some of the most complex problems and building specific solutions for national regulators that have empowered nations’ progress.

Empowering Telecom Regulators and Government Agencies Succeed

Solutions for Bypass Fraud

Successful telecommunications regulators derive maximum value from national spectrum resources through effective enforcement strategies, whether dealing with fraudulent devices such as SIM Servers or SIM Boxes, rogue transmitters, or emissions from misconfigured systems. These regulators protect their spectrum deliver the revenue and quality of service expected from today’s telecom operators and consumers.

LATRO supports regulators through our RAFM-based managed services. The specialized equipment and personnel required to discover and locate non-compliant or fraudulent wireless systems and devices can be cost-prohibitive. Our managed services enable a cost-effective approach to enforcement strategy implementation.

Highly trained and experienced LATRO project teams arrive on-site with the knowledge and tools to deliver immediate results. Often within days, our team closes previously lengthy investigations. Whether your organization is resource-limited by budget, people, or know-how, our managed services coupled with our specialist consulting, will help you exceed your enforcement objectives without delays due to common bottlenecks.

Versalytics Geolocation Services for Telecom Regulators

Our Geolocation Services is one of our exceptionally packaged solutions for national telecom regulators, especially when you do not have access to fraud detections or restricted access to CDRs of fraud detections. These are also extremely useful in high-risk areas or if there is a suspicion of internal fraud.

Versalytics Clearing House

The Versalytics Clearing House is a unique solution for telecom regulators to have a centralized database and analytics platform for monitoring market-wide Bypass Fraud.

Tackling SIM Box Fraud with Regulatory Restrictions – A Case Study
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Protect Your Nation from Huge Revenue Losses & Infrastructure Damage

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Solutions for Revenue Reconciliation & Taxes Collection

Telecom Regulators require information from regional telecom operators to provide them with a holistic overview of their country’s telecom profile. LATRO’s expertise in advanced data analytics and big data solutions can effectively track, monitor, and report data across different operators in a country.

Customers Speak

“As a regional leader, we have achieved tremendous success in Jordan by taking a centralized approach in eliminating bypass fraud. TRC has used its resources as a regulator to manage a well-orchestrated effort between operators, law enforcement, and LATRO to locate and eliminate illegal bypass fraud.”

Dr. Ghazi AL-Jobor, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, TRC, Jordan
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