Mobile Money Assurance

Get a 360-degree view of your mobile money infrastructure, partners, and transactions

As the reach and impact of mobile money increases, so too do the risks. Versassure helps telecom operators keep track and audit the complete mobile money infrastructure from subscribers to dealers to transactions. It provides a complete set of controls that can cover every aspect of the Mobile Money business: including fraud detection and compliance.

The module will provide real-time detections for various types of Mobile Money fraud such as:

  • Money laundering
  • False transactions
  • Dealer Fraud
  • Registration Fraud
  • Internal fraud

Powered by Near Real-Time Analytics, Machine Learning, and Big Data capabilities, LATRO’s Versassure is the most advanced and versatile analytics solution available for RAFM professionals in the market today.


Versassure - Revenue Assurance Modules
Monitor Audit Mobile Money-Platform - Revenue Assurance

Keep track and audit for complete visibility into your mobile money platform

Versassure provides a complete view of Mobile Money activities for all stakeholders in the Mobile Money platform from deposit, withdrawal, peer-to-peer transfers, utility & merchant payments, overall balance, and transaction trends. The module will provide full visibility about agents’ network, commissions & margin assurance, and MM platform Balance Movement.

Protect your subscribers from SIM-Swap Fraud

SIM-Swap is a common way of defrauding a subscriber by stealing their mobile numbers and mobile money fraudsters often use this to steal money from legitimate user accounts. Versassure can detect and prevent SIM-Swap fraud.

Protect your subscribers from SIM-Swap Fraud - Revenue Assurance
Out of the box RA controls with Versassure

Get real-time detections of discrepancies and mobile money fraud

Versassure can provide real-time detections of any sort of illegal activity on the mobile money network including, money laundering, false transactions, dealer fraud, registration fraud and internal fraud. The subscription assurance module will provide controls to monitor the assurance of KYC compliance and report for any discrepancies.

Leverage pre-configured risk controls available out-of-the-box

LATRO offers prebuilt risk controls that address mobile money management. The module provides insights, KPIs, and controls to cover the entire business aspects of Mobile Money service for different departments, including Marketing, Finance, Compliance, Revenue Assurance, and Fraud Management.

Out of the box RA controls with Versassure

Utilize interactive dashboards

All data is processed and presented in an intuitive graphical dashboard that displays interactive data visualizations. Customizable alarms and notifications can be configured to meet the requirements of different teams and networks.

Interactive Dashboards for Revenue Assurance with Versassure
On-premise, cloud deployment for Revenue Assurance with Versassure

Choose your deployment

Versassure gives you the flexibility to choose how you want your Revenue Assurance system to be deployed to best suit your business needs and budget – on-premise, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or public cloud. Our experts will work with you to understand your business, legal and technical requirements.

Versassure Revenue Assurance Solution from LATRO

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