Network and Usage Assurance

Employ end-to-end, near real-time monitoring and control of revenue leakage due to network configuration errors and mismatched usage records.

The Telecom industry is going through a profound change, shifting from traditional Communication Service Providers to Digital Services Enablers and Providers- opening the horizon for the Internet of Things (IoT) world of connected devices and fundamentally changing the way ICT business is delivered. New types of operational risks and vulnerabilities emerge from these new devices. Despite all that, Network Integrity and Usage Reconciliation remain one of Revenue Assurance teams’ core activities to ensure data integrity and synchronization across all the different systems and network platforms.

LATRO’s Versassure (Revenue Assurance Solution) is designed to deliver end -to-end reconciliations and controls that provide insights into revenue leakages due to usage record errors and configuration errors in the network, mediation, and charging systems. Powered by Near Real-Time Analytics, Machine Learning, and Big Data capabilities, LATRO’s Versassure is the most advanced and versatile analytics solution available to RAFM professionals in the market today – helping them transition from reactive and proactive mode!


Versassure - Revenue Assurance Modules
Real Time Info on RA Systems

Get real-time information on misaligned usage records and configuration errors

This module assures your business’s service and data integrity. It provides end-to-end tracking and reconciliation of traffic and transaction records to ensure platform integrity.

Take proactive action to help prevent revenue leakage or opportunity loss

Reconciliations are performed across relevant sources to ensure no events are missed, unbilled or charged to the customer, which will result in revenue leakage or opportunity loss.

Proactive decisions prevent revenue loss - Versassure
Out of the box RA controls with Versassure

Leverage pre-configured risk controls available out-of-the-box

LATRO offers prebuilt risk controls that address network and usage assurance. These audit controls are designed to capture data from various sources, including core network systems, mediation systems, IN/OCS, Rating Engine, Billing systems, any other third-party service providers, VAS, and Roaming CDRs.

Utilize interactive dashboards

All data is processed and presented in an intuitive graphical dashboard that displays interactive data visualizations. Customizable alarms and notifications can be configured to meet the requirements of different teams and networks.

Interactive Dashboards for Revenue Assurance with Versassure
On-premise, cloud deployment for Revenue Assurance with Versassure

Choose your deployment

Versassure gives you the flexibility to choose how you want your Revenue Assurance system to be deployed to best suit your business needs and budget – on-premise, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or public cloud. Our experts will work with you to understand your business, legal and technical requirements.

Versassure Revenue Assurance Solution from LATRO

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