Rating and Billing Assurance

Maximize your customer lifetime value by ensuring that services are rated and billed to subscribers correctly using LATRO’s Rating and Billing Assurance Solutions.

We ensure that your reporting and billing systems align with the pricing options presented in your marketing materials. And ensure that all your mobile customers are billed correctly for prepaid and postpaid plans. This allows you to correct any problems in real-time as they arise instead of waiting until your financial exposure is magnified or something goes wrong with a customer’s bill.

Our Versassure solution (software and team) helps reconcile marketing product notes with the actual, rated xDRs and the invoices generated from the billing system. This ensures all billable usage and services are billed correctly per the commercial agreement with subscribers. We also reconcile prepaid tariff configurations and charging records from OCS against marketing product notes. And employ the same rigor to roaming, interconnect, and VAS services, covering all possible call scenarios and offering complexities.

Our module provides insights and reports on mismatches between Tariff / Rating configurations and CRM, self-service portal, PoS platforms, and Life Cycle validation (activation, grace period, forfeiture policy, termination & recycling). Powered by Near Real-Time Analytics, Machine Learning, and Big Data capabilities, LATRO’s Versassure is the most advanced and versatile analytics solution available to RAFM professionals in the market today!


Versassure - Revenue Assurance Modules
Telecom Billing Tariff Misconfigurations - Revenue Assurance - LATRO

Put an end to billing errors and tariff misconfigurations

Keep track of the validity of your prepaid and postpaid plans, rate bundles, promotions, and packages.
Versassure provides insights and reports on mismatches between Tariff / Rating configurations and CRM, self-service portal, PoS platforms, and Life Cycle validation (activation, grace period, forfeiture policy, termination & recycling).

Gain real-time insights to ensure reconciliation and rating and billing validation

The Versassure module for billing and rating assurance collects and processes events and configurations from various network elements to ensure quota validation, and controls. Versassure provides support for state-of-the-art rating functionality, including bundling of services, add-ons, peak-off-peak, and convergent rating capabilities to satisfy the (re)rating validation needs of the customer. It can process CDRs from the core network, mediation systems, third-party service providers, and VAS and Roaming CDRs, and validate the customer account information to match the business rules for a specific event or scenario.

Billing Validations
Proactive Actions in Revenue Assurance

Take proactive action quickly and with minimal impact on final billing through Versassure’s powerful re-rating engine

Versassure’s re-rating engine can be used to simulate tariffs for new and existing products and services. The solution will calculate and validate the cost/price of the events as per the tariffs configured in the module. Subsequently, the charges applied by the re-rating engine will be compared and reconciled with the approved product catalog and the actual charges applied by the billing / OCS platforms. The re-rating engine will eliminate duplicate records, apply special charges and promotional discounts, and synchronize with external billing systems if required.

Leverage pre-configured risk controls available out-of-the-box

LATRO offers prebuilt risk controls that address rating and billing assurance. These comprehensive controls are designed to cover a vast range of risk areas and to capture data from various sources, including core network systems, mediation systems, IN/OCS, Rating Engine, Billing systems, third-party service providers, VAS, and Roaming CDRs.

Out of the box RA controls with Versassure
Interactive Dashboards for Revenue Assurance with Versassure

Utilize interactive dashboards

All data is processed and presented in an intuitive graphical dashboard that displays interactive data visualizations. Customizable alarms and notifications can be configured to meet the requirements of different teams and networks.

Choose your deployment

Versassure gives you the flexibility to choose how you want your Revenue Assurance system to be deployed to best suit your business needs and budget – on-premise, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or public cloud. Our experts will work with you to understand your business, legal and technical requirements.

On-premise, cloud deployment for Revenue Assurance with Versassure
Versassure Revenue Assurance Solution from LATRO

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