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Wholesale Rate Analytics

LATRO’s Market Tracker™ tool gives you, as a Communication Service Provider (CSPs), insight into thousands of traffic rates for your country (including your competitors’ rates). Our Market Tracker, our telecom traffic rates analytics solution, is updated with over a million new records daily. For the first time, you can track changes in the traffic markets in near real-time!

Get insight into CLI and non-CLI rates across all operators in your country and review rate gaps – one more layer of data –to help you make the right decisions about your Fraud Management Strategy.

Use our wholesale rate analytics – telecom traffic rates analytics solutions to research in-depth route details and review potential fraud business case research in your network. Monitor the effects of your anti-fraud efforts from an outside perspective.

Market Tracker by LATRO
Wholesale Rate Analytics - Telecom traffic rates Analytics Solutions

Search In-Depth Rates Options

Perform unlimited searches on wholesale market termination rates including, CLI and non-CLI (grey routes) comparison.

Perform detailed analysis on markets and possible fraud business cases

The differences in CLI and Non-CLI rates provide insight into potential rate gaps, which fraudsters can exploit.​

Market Tracker Rate Information

Gain insight into Traffic Carrier Rates for specific providers

Obtain easy access to Rate Tables for customized date ranges and countries for different carriers; this is a very useful feature to gain a deeper understanding of your market.

Access on multiple platforms

You can access Market Tracker as a web application or/and download the application from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Market Tracker is available on App Store and Play Store

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