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How LATRO’s Cellular Forensics Lab Helped Catch a Murderer + Upcoming Related Webinar

Historically, Cell Phone Record (CDR) Analysis and Cellular Technology have been the source of invaluable concrete evidence used in criminal cases to lead to convictions.  And it’s likely they will continue to serve this crucial role in the courtroom.  Over the past three years, our Cellular Forensics Lab division has provided expert analysis for a number of cases, helping investigators and attorneys achieve major breakthroughs in their cases, and in some instances, bring justice and closure to the victims as well.   Earlier this year, our COO/CTO Don Reinhart wrote an article entitled “How CDR Analysis Caught a Murderer,” capturing one such case.  First published [...]

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June Webinars: Mobile Money Assurance, Signaling Analytics & RAG TV Appearance

With COVID-19 keeping most of the world still inside, LATRO is striving to continue providing fresh, engaging and accessible knowledge sharing opportunities online that compel you to take action.   Thank you for all the positive feedback from our last set of webinars:  Handling Fraud during Tumultuous Times (English, Spanish, French) Tackling Wangiri Fraud Good news! Mark [...]

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[Register for Webinar] Strategies for Combating Wangiri Fraud

There was a time when not returning a missed call would have been considered rude. But today, it could just a fraudulent call trying to make you call back a premium-rate number. Wangiri Fraud. Robocalls. Zero Duration calls. Single ring calls. Call it what you will, but we can all agree they are irritating and [...]

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