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Don is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at LATRO, based in Dubai. When he’s not busy leading the team in combating fraud and helping clients recover revenue, he enjoys traveling with his family, cooking and fishing.

Why are we a leading SIM Box Detection Vendor for 2019?

ROCCO Research recently released its 2019 report on the performance of SIM Box Detection Vendors. The report is based on input and feedback from 134 mobile network operators across 111 countries. 17 vendors were considered in the report with the goal of providing an in depth analysis on “35+ Key Performance Indicators defined by [...]

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What I Learned at Our LATRO 2019 User Conference

Building a customer base is hard work. After we landed our first contract for a Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management (RAFM) Bypass Control solution in 2008, we had our first customer. In subsequent pre-sales meetings where we sought to earn a second customer, I always dreaded the inevitable question … “So, what customer references [...]

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LATRO joins Dell EMC as an Authorized Partner for RAFM Platform Support

LATRO’s innovative and market leading solutions offer clients the flexibility to host the industry’s fastest Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management controls on a variety of hardware and virtualized server platforms.   Our RAFM solutions have been successfully installed within a range of customized environments from dedicated hardware to private enterprise to popular cloud computing [...]

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LATRO Leverages AWS for Versatile Reporting Platform

  LATRO Services, Inc. has successfully launched its Versalytics Fraud Management reporting engine within Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment.    Clients seeking the fastest SIM Box and Bypass Fraud speed of detection KPIs can experience:    The value of an automated 24/7 reporting engine complete with customized delivery options for auto-blocking of fraudulent [...]

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We’re Turning Away Business in 2019 Because of Occam

It has been a fun start to 2019. It is fun because, as a team, we at LATRO have never had more clients, never had as large an annual sales forecast, and never turned down business in the first quarter before. To our prospective clients who are processing their 2019 contracts and purchase orders [...]

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Role of TCG in Bypass Fraud Mitigation

International Bypass Fraud has been a long-standing plague to telecommunications industry revenues for many years. Bypass fraudsters offer to connect incoming international voice calls to local markets by redirecting them through Voice-over-IP (VOIP) gateways toward mobile or fixed line subscribers. The most common VOIP gateway is commonly known as a SIM Box. Figure [...]

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Why LATRO is teaming with Mobius to offer best-in-class Bypass Fraud Control

Bypass Fraudsters are getting smarter. They must. We all know the international voice termination business is shrinking. We are past the dawn of emergent Over-the-Top (OTT) applications and well into the new day of free and low cost ubiquitous voice and messaging services, allowing us to connect internationally for business and personal communications. This [...]

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Fraudsters Are Happy for 2018 TCG Contract Renewals (Reflections on 2017 and a Look Forward to 2018)

A turn in the calendar year often correlates to renewed managed services contracts for many mobile network operators. Despite a shrinking international voice interconnect traffic market due to the likes of everyone’s favorite Over-The-Top (OTT) applications, opportunistic fraudsters continue to siphon termination minutes from high margin markets- especially in the [...]

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