About Thomas Turk

Tom is a Fraud Analyst at LATRO Services, based out of the USA Office. He excels in detecting and locating illegal SIM Box operations with the analyst team and enjoys spending his free time with family, playing the guitar, and watching hockey.

Top 5 Fraud Trends During the Pandemic (and how our customers beat them)

For many of us, 2020 was a year that posed new and unprecedented challenges in our personal and professional lives. Despite the unexpected challenges, LATRO remained fully committed to providing customized solutions unmatched in effectiveness for our clients. LATRO’s products and services suite continued to provide international Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) with effective FMS tools to help them successfully navigate through a [...]

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Focusing on the 5%. Why negative customer feedback matters to LATRO

In 2020, the GSMA reported over 5.1 billion mobile subscribers globally – this unprecedented level of connectivity and information is at an all-time high. Modern network monitoring technology has advanced, providing operators with enormous amounts of data. Understanding this information can prove to be a daunting task – especially for fraud teams. The ability to [...]

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