🚀 Discover how Halotel Tanzania, a leading mobile operator, effectively protected its revenue and achieved remarkable top-line growth with LATRO’s advanced fraud management solutions.

Through the successful implementation of LATRO’s bundle of innovative Bypass Fraud Management solutions, Halotel tackled Sim Box Fraud and Scammer Fraud head-on, resulting in significant improvements and tangible business benefits.

  • Challenges and Revenue Loss ❌

SIM Box Fraud and Scammer Fraud pose severe threats to mobile operators, leading to substantial revenue losses and subscriber churn. Halotel experienced harmful effects firsthand, as fraudsters exploited grey routes to terminate international voice calls outside the operator’s control, causing severe financial losses.

  • LATRO’s Comprehensive Fraud Control Services 🛡️

Recognizing the urgency to combat fraud, Halotel partnered with LATRO and adopted its comprehensive suite of innovative Bypass Fraud Management solutions. The LATRO solution suite implemented by Halotel includes Test Call Generation, CDR Analysis, and Signaling Analysis, empowering the mobile operator to identify and prevent fraudulent activities effectively and proactively.

  • Impressive Results 📈

Since the full implementation of LATRO’s solutions in early 2022, Halotel has witnessed transformative outcomes in their fraud control measures.

🌟 The results are impressive! The infection rate for SIM Box Fraud and Scammer Fraud plummeted from 12.4% in September 2022 to a mere 1.3% in the first quarter of 2023. This reduction of over 90% in fraud incidents highlights the effectiveness of LATRO’s solutions.

🎉Furthermore, Halotel experienced a significant decrease in fraud detections. In September, the mobile operator detected over 2,500 fraudulent SIM cards in a single month. Presently, this number has decreased to approximately 800 over three months, marking an impressive 68% reduction in fraud detections. As Halotel prevents fraud control powered by LATRO, the result is overall decreases in fraud activity as it becomes unprofitable for fraudsters to continue.

These results demonstrate the effectiveness of LATRO’s services in identifying and preventing fraudulent activities, allowing mobile operators like Halotel to increase their revenue and protect their customers.

  • Benefits and Growth Opportunities 💰

The collaboration with LATRO not only shields Halotel’s revenue but also paves the way for business growth. By effectively combating fraud, Halotel reinforced customer confidence, ensuring reliable services and safeguarding their reputation in the market. This creates new avenues for revenue generation and customer acquisition.

Jackline A. Buzarwa, the Business Information Officer responsible for Fraud Analysis at Halotel, commended LATRO for their accessibility and responsiveness. Jackline says: “It’s easy to reach people whenever we need help. The prompt support from LATRO’s team facilitated a seamless and efficient collaboration, allowing Halotel to overcome fraud challenges swiftly.”

  • Conclusion 💡

Halotel Tanzania’s success story highlights the critical role LATRO’s advanced Bypass Fraud Management solutions play in safeguarding revenue and empowering business growth for mobile operators. By leveraging LATRO’s advanced technologies and expertise, Halotel effectively mitigated SIM Box Fraud and Scammer Fraud, resulting in significant improvements in their fraud control measures and business performance.

If you’re seeking robust fraud control solutions to protect your revenue, enhance customer trust, and unlock growth opportunities, partner with LATRO today. Their comprehensive suite of Bypass Fraud Management solutions, including Test Call Generation, CDR Analysis, and Signaling Analysis, can provide you with the necessary tools, automation, and insights to combat fraud effectively.

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