Nothing beats the impact of busting SIM Boxes… How can LATRO make this claim? Consider the revenue impact of fraudulent minutes. A GSM Gateway or SIM Box that holds 32 SIM Cards can simultaneously terminate 32 voice calls. Should this SIM Box operate 12 hours per day, 691,200 billable minutes are lost per month! With Geolocation investigations we catch the fraudster in the act, confiscating equipment, and taking legal action. This sends a strong message to all fraudsters in the market: We are coming for you, and we are serious. In the first quarter of 2022, LATRO carried out several on-the-ground fraud investigations across the globe. In cooperation with Mobile Network Operators, we work with national telecom regulators, police, and authorities to perform sting operations, eliminating fraud at the root. The impact of a geolocation investigation on operator revenue is instantaneous as a bust eliminates bypass traffic capacity immediately. Not only this, but the other fraudsters get a strong warning. Following global market trends, we found fraudulent SIM Box operations are shifting from 2G to 3G networks. This is no problem for LATRO and our advanced technical services. In the recent busts during this year, our team effectively located 3G fraudulent SIM Boxes with great precision and success. In North Africa, we busted 6 SIM Box operations, confiscated dozens of SIM Box hardware devices, and hundreds of SIM cards used by fraudsters. Revenue at risk from these operations exceeded $2.4M! These busts were published in the local press, reaching all involved in this form of fraud and sending a clear message to would be fraudsters.

How does a geolocation operation work? Our experts use specialized RF equipment and LATRO’s advanced and innovative Protocol Signature signaling technology contained in our Versalytics Fraud Management software suite to identify and locate fraudulent SIM Box operations. Once the suspect operation is identified, our specialists drive the area with the RF equipment and essentially simulate a mobile BTS and NodeB. SIM Box devices connect to the RF equipment, allowing us to use direction finding techniques to accurately geolocate the fraudulent operation. The effectiveness is so high that we can locate an operation inside a building with hundreds of apartments. Everything happens fast and time is of the essence. The team enters a suspect location and quickly locates and busts the operation. LATRO is always successful. We have never done a single drive test campaign without making a bust!