LATRO is honored to have been awarded the highest Overall Rating among Tier 1 vendors in ROCCO’s most recent report. ROCCO, a leading research firm focused on the Roaming, Messaging, Fraud and Security industry, sources insight from more than 500 Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) worldwide. In this particular report, 96 MNOs participated across 72 countries to score 16 SIM Box detection vendors. We are grateful for all of these MNOs’ feedback and recognition.

ROCCO launched in 2012 and has an impressively stacked team behind it, including Dhiraj Wazir, CEO of Strategy, and Jason Bryan, CEO of Research. We appreciate ROCCO’s ongoing research efforts that help MNOs not only identify the best SIM Box detection vendor for their needs, but also serve as a catalyst for innovation in the industry – especially given the firm’s unbiased and unsponsored reports. We have had the privilege of being recognized in a number of previous ROCCO reports including a similar report from 2019 as well as two reports from 2020 (We appeared in the Top 50 Vendor in The Innovators Report 2020 and in the Top Ten Vendors to watch in Roaming, in ROCCO’s Annual Report 2021).

The ROCCO SIM Box Detection Vendor report’s KPI sections covering Performance and Leadership showcased the quality of our team, services and solutions, as well as our industry experience, innovation and thought leadership – we beat out the competition in the associated categories. We also achieved the highest customer satisfaction rating percentage. In addition, we placed first in Global Presence and Global Reach – an indicator that we are making notable progress on our vision to protect incomes for our customers in more and more of the developing world.

The telecom fraud management (FM) market is tough. Fraudsters, including SIM Box and bypass fraud perpetrators, are constantly evolving their tactics and methods of attack. Detecting and controlling such dynamic activities is a challenge. It takes a team of dedicated and expert professionals equipped with effective and powerful tools to protect our customers’ revenues and help them not only detect fraud but beat it.

So, while we celebrate and appreciate this industry recognition, we also accept the challenge to continue innovating and supporting our customers in staying a step ahead of fraudsters. At LATRO, we strive to simplify the complex in order to protect valuable revenues for our customers. We understand and agree with them, that recovering and protecting revenue fuels economic growth and development where it is most needed.

You can secure your copy of the report here to learn more.