The Costly Impact of Origin-Based Rating (OBR) Fraud on Telecom Carriers

How LATRO Provides Solutions

What is Origin-Based Rating Fraud (OBR) Fraud?

Telecom and mobile network operators face a persistent threat to their revenue streams: Origin-Based Rating Fraud (OBR) or CLI spoofing. This deceptive practice involves manipulating the calling line identity (CLI) to falsely represent the origin of voice calls. The consequences are dire, with operators losing significant revenue from voice traffic being charged at lower rates than it should be. It occurs primarily in markets with high mobile termination rates and where carriers apply origin-based rating (OBR) surcharges.


In high mobile termination rate markets, international voice calls are often refiled and connected with spoofed local numbers, circumventing legitimate charges. Similarly, carriers may resort to CLI spoofing to avoid OBR surcharges by presenting an A-Party number from an area not subject to the surcharge. This undermines the integrity of the telecom ecosystem and erodes the profitability of operators.

LATRO’s Solution

Detecting CLI spoofing, especially for OBR avoidance, poses a formidable challenge. It requires a combination of technical methods to verify A-Party numbers and enrich call detail records (CDRs) for use in settlement activities between affected carriers. This is where LATRO steps in to empower operators to regain control over CLI spoofing and manipulation.

LATRO’s OBR solution leverages a range of real-time and offline analysis technologies to verify A-Party CLIs, including behavior analytics and risk scoring algorithms. LATRO can quickly flag suspicious numbers for deeper investigation. This comprehensive analysis of voice call data, coupled with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, enables LATRO to identify instances of spoofing and manipulation with precision.

Moreover, LATRO ensures real-time verification against reliable numbering plans, filtering out erroneous spoofing cases effectively. In cases where more advanced verification is needed, LATRO facilitates collaboration across partner networks, bolstering the industry’s resilience against fraudulent activities.

By employing LATRO’s OBR solution, telecom operators can effectively control CLI spoofing for OBR avoidance, ensuring that voice calls are properly rated based on their true origin. This not only safeguards revenue but also enhances the credibility and trustworthiness of operators in the eyes of their customers and partners.

Properly managing CLI spoofing and manipulation is critical for telecom operators looking to maximize their business results. LATRO offers a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies to address this critical issue, enabling operators to protect their revenue streams and uphold the integrity of the telecom ecosystem.

As the telecom landscape continues to evolve, proactive measures against CLI spoofing are essential for the sustainability and growth of operators. LATRO stands as a trusted partner in this endeavor, providing innovative solutions to combat CLI spoofing and ensure fair and transparent rating of voice calls.

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