At LATRO, we value “simplifying the complex through innovation.” Years ago, we faced a complex data issue. Our fraud solution used multiple layers of detection techniques that yielded industry-leading results. Our customers valued an enriched and consolidated view of their fraud detection performance — we needed a data processing, enrichment, and visualization platform to meet this demand.

We arrived at a reporting engine solution with the features, resiliency, and flexibility our customers wanted.

As we reflected on the development process and outcome of this advanced reporting engine, we realized we were not alone. Our customers in the telecom and other sectors face a common problem- processing, analyzing, and presenting data in meaningful ways that drive improvements and optimizations within the business. Further, adding an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) dimension to these data analytics requirements would empower needed predictive models.

Our experience in developing the advanced fraud detection reporting engine taught us a key to success in data analytics-driven solutions – flexibility. We were not alone in needing a solution that did not require expensive and complex development cycles each time additional customization surfaced, or data processing change arose. As a result, our LATRO team chose an open-source, core software component with visual programming and proven data science tools. Ultimately, we integrated KNIME as the core component of our data analytics solution.

What started as a single requirement for enriched and consolidated fraud detection performance reporting became our flagship data analytics platform – Versalytics Intelligence.

Versalytics Intelligence, powered by KNIME, is an advanced AI-enabled data analytics platform that is designed to solve and facilitate unique use cases and applications. The system is built on big data architecture that is flexible, scalable, fast, and capable of processing today’s highest data volumes and transaction rates. With easy system configuration (visual programming and drag-drop components) you can expect faster project rollouts, customizations, and support, all while achieving the predictive models your business needs to take action for optimization and improvement.

Versalytics Intelligence also provides large-scale ML for a variety of use cases, predictive and prescriptive analysis allows telecom operators to take advantage of our technology to gain insights into customer behavior, risk assessments, supply chains, and more. We offer a wide array of solutions from text mining to visualizations, all tailored to your needs. Our data scientists have been harnessing the power of AI and ML to generate ground-breaking predictive and prescriptive analyses, that can help you uncover insights, opportunities, and risks that will impact your business tomorrow.

Versalytics Intelligence achieves this by leveraging an open-source, visual programming platform as well as data and machine learning pipelines — enabling easy collaboration between business and technical teams. Combined with a library of proprietary, telecom-focused data processing modules and ML models trained with over 200 billion records, and counting, Versalytics Intelligence shows actionable insight in a flexible dashboard and reporting environment – enabling a clear window to your data for effective decisions.

As new technologies and complex problems emerge in the telecom industry, we continue to value “simplifying the complex through innovation.” We are confident that LATRO has the platform and industry subject expertise to translate your messy data into actionable intelligence and solve your unique business needs. We are ready to get started!