A Continuing Beacon of Success in the Mobile Industry – MTN Afghanistan’s Journey to Operational Excellence

One year later, LATRO showcases how its transformative solutions have reshaped the operational landscape of MTN Afghanistan.
A Continuing Beacon of Success in the Mobile Industry – MTN Afghanistan’s Journey to Operational Excellence
When MTN Afghanistan (MTNA) faced an abrupt exit of its previous Charging & Value-Added Services Systems Managed Services provider, they were left grappling with a host of challenges. Not only was there limited time for a comprehensive handover, but they were left wrestling with a long list of legacy issues and operational inefficiencies. Needing a partner who could on-board quickly and enhance their key performance indicators (KPIs), while also consolidating and reducing their Manage Services and Agile Development Management costs, MTNA turned to LATRO for help.


Within two months of contract signature, LATRO had its Charging and Value-Added Services Systems Managed Services team fully implemented, bringing all the necessary tools required to get up and running within MTNA.

LATRO’s expansive Managed Services offering included:

First & Second Level
Operational Support

Operational support covering network monitoring, performance reporting, L1 preventive maintenance, 2nd level fault management, and much more.

Agile Development
Methodology (ADM):

A comprehensive approach covering product design, development, deployment, and documentation.


Support for a wide range of functions including system configuration, service integration, process and tool management to knowledge and competence management.

Planning Design
and Optimization:

An all-inclusive service featuring system capacity planning, optimization, and inventory database management.

LATRO’s Managed Services have not only maintained the system’s stability but also ensured that every detail – from logging trouble tickets to software lifecycle management, system backups, and SLA management – was all handled with utmost precision. MTNA’s daily operations were transformed, with LATRO’s team monitoring nodes 24×7, producing internal root cause analysis reporting, supporting MTNA’s Testing & Quality Assurance team, and ensuring the swift closure of all system-related issues.

A Remarkable Transformation

One year after LATRO’s intervention, MTNA has witnessed exponential value across many domains:

  • Systems Operation Value: Operational efficiency of systems like EDA and EMM have improved significantly from enhanced SMSC KPIs and resolved legacy errors.
  • Time to Market Value: Achieving a 100% product launch rate across all business units.
  • Capex Reduction Value: By streamlining and consolidating processes and optimizing the system assets.
  • Business Continuity Value: Demonstrated through the simulated cluster failover on SMSC/USSD nodes and preparation of geographically redundant failover procedures.
  • Agile Transition, Advanced Reporting and Monitoring, and Information Security: Achieved through LATRO’s well-structured Managed Services (MS) framework, comprehensive reporting, and enhanced perspective on KPIs.

LATRO’s robust framework and professional approach have addressed and rectified many additional operational challenges including rating discrepancies, system mismatches, and unused offers, which have paved the way for enhanced service delivery and increased customer satisfaction.


MTNA’s partnership with LATRO is a testament to the latter’s commitment, proficiency, and expertise in managing mobile network operations. By transforming challenges into success stories, LATRO has not only assisted MTNA in achieving its operational objectives but also showcased its credentials as a reliable partner and solution provider for mobile network operators worldwide.

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