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📣 The next GSMA Fraud and Security Group meeting (FASG#26) will take place on 26-29 June 2023 in Bucharest, Romania, kindly hosted by Vox Solutions. The theme of this meeting is Interconnect Fraud and Security.

🛡️ At FASG #26, we will be tackling the crucial theme of Interconnect Fraud and Security. As a trusted partner in the mobile ecosystem, LATRO is committed to maintaining the protection of mobile operator technology, infrastructure, and customer identity.

🌟Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with our esteemed representatives at the event. Jacob Howell, Director of Strategy at LATRO will be a featured speaker, presenting on the topic of “Origin-Based Rating Fraud: A New A-Party CLI Spoofing Use Case.” 🎤

A-Party or Calling Line Identity spoofing has been a fraud control challenge for many years in high termination rate mobile markets. With many EU and European operators implementing surcharges based on a call’s market of origin, CLI Spoofing is now prevalent in new markets where such surcharges are implemented. Fraud control solutions which use various techniques to verify the A-Party number must now be adapted to OBR markets. LATRO will explain how OBR fraud works and present recent results on levels of the fraud in major European markets

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