LATRO Services is a USA-based company with global operations and support offices. We are a thriving multicultural, globally positioned team of seasoned technical and business industry experts energized by ensuring the financial health of our customers in developing markets – driving innovation to solve their complex business problems.  We provide innovative RAFM (Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management) solutions to mobile telecommunication operators worldwide.

A recognized and trusted name in the global telecommunications industry for more than a decade. We employ our advanced proprietary technology and techniques to help our customers across the developing world protect their incomes – putting revenue back in their hands where it belongs.  We believe and agree with our customers that recovering and protecting revenue fuels national investment, promoting job creation and sustainment – resulting in overall economic growth where it is most needed.

We are a nimble, non-bureaucratic company characterized by technological innovation, extraordinary effort, and dedication to our customers and employees. The atmosphere is fast-paced and agile, shifting rapidly to the pressing needs of our customers.

As Database Developer and Administrator, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and administrating new (or editing existing) Applications, Middleware, APIs & Databases to support LATRO’s existing and future requirements.  You will report to the Technical Operations Director and collaborate with various other Technical and Commercial Teams within the company.

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