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Videos and Industry Insights: How Does RAFM Connect the Unconnected?

The mobile phone drives economic development in nearly all parts of the world, enabling access to education, banking, and communication — for even the most remote inhabitants of our globe.

How do we partner with our customers, specifically their RAFM departments, leveraging our solutions to help them drive economic development in their respective markets? Find out more.


RAG TV S2E1: Bypass and the Small Carrier’s Perspective with Donald Reinhart and Timo Vainionpää (external site)

Eric Priezkalns from Risk and Assurance Group (RAG) spoke with Don on RAG TV. Don explains the factors that encourage bypass and why he advocates responding with a mix of controls including test calls, analytics and interpretation of network signals.

Customers Speak with LATRO featuring Ruchira Hewage, RAFM Manager, VIETNAMOBILE

Find out why Ruchira felt like a superhero when tackling telecom fraud and his vision for the future of RAFM. Watch as LATRO’s Asem Abughazaleh interviews our client Ruchira Hewage, RAFM Manager from VIETNAMOBILE.

Customer Speak with LATRO featuring John Scarborough, ATN International

“Having LATRO is like having insurance.” What does that mean? LATRO’s Operations Director, Steve Schumacher, sits down with John Scarborough, Senior RA & Fraud Analyst from ATN International, to discuss the origins of that statement and more.

Videos and Industry Insights: Conversations with LATRO: When the CEO and CTO sat down

In this episode of “Conversations with LATRO” series, Don Reinhart (current CEO) sat down with Lex Wilkinson (previous CEO) sat down and had a chat. You can hear about LATRO got started and where we are going from where we are at today.

Videos and Industry Insights: Conversations With LATRO with David Bott and Sarah Stirrup

Get a sneak-peek into how we help our customers be heroes by beating various types of telecom fraud, including Interconnect (SIM Box) Bypass Fraud, Wangiri Fraud, and more. You will love this conversation with Sarah Stirrup, Fraud Analyst, and David Bott, Operations Manager at LATRO. These folks are on the frontlines every day, along with our customers helping them fight the good fight against fraud.

Conversations with LATRO with Don Reinhart and Meghan Hardy

Ever wonder how does LATRO make it look so easy to detect and eliminate fraudulent SIM Box Operations around the world? Meet some of the key people behind the scenes who make it easy for you to bust SIM Boxes and recover the revenue that is rightfully yours. Catch our conversation with LATRO’s CTO and COO, Don Reinhart and Lead Analyst, Meghan Hardy about the state of the market, stories from the best SIM Box busts and more