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Understanding Signaling Analysis and Why You Should Care!

Signaling Analytics offers a REAL-TIME view of what is happening in your network. It gives you a WIDER-VIEW about network activities that cover both BILLABLE and NON-BILLABLE events. It also provides LOW-LEVEL INFORMATION and parameters used to detect fraud.

Our team of experts discuss Signaling technology, share stories from the front lines and answer any questions you may have about this topic.

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Strategies for Combating Wangiri Fraud

Wangiri and its various forms of artificially inflated traffic – sometimes called robocalls, has become a major problem for telecom operators and subscribers worldwide. In this live webinar, Don Reinhart, CEO, LATRO and Anthony Sani, Executive Director, Orillion Solutions discuss the problem, the solution, and the way forward. They will be discussing practical strategies that telcos can adopt that will help them curb this fraud problem.

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Signaling Analytics

Discover how telecom operators and national regulators in over 60 countries worldwide are able to prevent fraud before it occurs in this insightful webinar with Ihab Al Shayeb, Senior Solutions Architect at LATRO. With our consulting services, you too can beat fraud before it even happens.

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Near Real-Time Business Assurance. Is it really possible?

CLI Refiling can sometimes be mistaken for SIM Box Bypass Fraud or False Positive occurrences (if normal subscriber CLIs are being spoofed). Ultimately, the terminating Operator incurs a revenue loss due to international incoming traffic with manipulated CLIs that do not match the originating A-Party.

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Artificial Intelligence in Fraud Management

Artificial Intelligence and Your RAFM Strategy

How do LATRO Customers benefit from Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning?
Does AI/ML eliminate the need for FM Analysts?How do LATRO Customers benefit from Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning?
Does AI/ML eliminate the need for FM Analysts?
The panelists on the webinar: Don Reinhart, CEO, Kevin Hoyle, Product Manager, and Meghan James, Product Manager, LATRO discuss this topic in this webinar.

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