GSMA FASG#29 2024 – Let’s Meet!

🤝 Join LATRO at GSMA FASG #29 in Istanbul. GSMA Fraud and Security Group meeting (FASG#29) will take place from June 25-27, 2024, in Istanbul, Turkey, hosted by Cellusys.

The GSMA Fraud and Security Group (FASG) is a global organization dedicated to combating fraud and security threats in the mobile industry, providing a collaborative platform for telecom operators, vendors, and regulators. This year’s theme is ‘Cloud Computing: Opportunities and Challenges for Mobile Fraud and Security Management’.

LATRO’s Director of Strategy, Jacob Howell, will be presenting on “The Rise of SMS Blasters.” His session will cover:

  • Identifying the problem vs solving the problem of IMSI Catcher / SMS Blasters.
  • Methods for finding where these rogue devices are being used.
  • How operators and law enforcement can work together with direction-finding techniques to locate and bust fake BTS/SMS blasters more effectively.
  • Demo of an IMSI Catcher / SMS Blaster detector.

🤝 At LATRO, we specialize in Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, and Data Analytics. Don’t miss your chance to meet with Jacob Howell and receive a free consultation on how LATRO can enhance your mobile operations with DEFEND, ASSURE, EXPLORE, and SERVICES solutions.

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