Dubai-based company will play a key role for LATRO in the region supporting RAFM solutions for telecom operators and national regulators.


Easton, Pennsylvania and Dubai, United Arab Emirates – September 24, 2018 – – LATRO Services, Inc., an innovative market leader for Telecom Fraud Control and Revenue Assurance solutions,today announced that Dubai-based Acacia Innovations Technology (AIT) FZEwill be its exclusive partner in the Middle East and Africa regions. The appointment of AIT highlights LATRO’s focus on the Middle East and Africa as key markets where it delivers best-in-class products and services to customers. LATRO is the only RAFM solution provider to offer pinpoint Geolocation of SIM Box and SIM Server systems as well as report Pre-Call detections of virtualized SIM Cards used to defraud telecom operators and regional tax authorities from valuable international voice call revenues.


For more than a decade, LATRO has delivered innovative managed services to telecom operators and national regulators including Advanced Signaling Analytics and Geolocation Investigations. LATRO has established itself in over fifty global markets and is the only company with expertise to pre-emptively locate and eliminate SIM Box and Bypass Fraud in telecom networks.


Don Reinhart, COO, LATRO: “Clients in the Africa and Middle East regions have always been among our closest customers as we partner with them to stay one step ahead of fraudsters. Our solutions have helped eliminate SIM Box Bypass Fraud in many markets. We will continue to support our customers in their development of innovative and mature fraud management and revenue assurance controls through new products and service offerings that we plan to introduce later this year. Our partnership with AIT demonstrates our commitment to focus on the region and build on our continued success. ”


Ayman Gomaa, Managing Director at Acacia Innovations Technology: “In addition to our already robust IT security solutions, we are proud to be partnering with LATRO Services. LATRO is very well established and known for their innovative solutions in fighting SIM Box Fraud and other costly telecom frauds. Our relationships with telecom operators and national regulators in the region will help LATRO’s continued market expansion and provide an even higher level of support to our mutual clients in tackling and eliminating fraud. We look forward to a successful future with LATRO.”


For more details on how to eliminate SIM Box and Bypass Fraud, telecom operators, national regulators, and local value-added service providers in the Middle East and Africa regions can directly contact Acacia Innovations Technology (AIT)


Ashish Kuriakose