The first of a kind service, Versamapper is available for telecom operators and national regulators for free for a limited time


Easton, Pennsylvania – November 20, 2018 – – LATRO Services, Inc., an innovative market leader for Telecom Fraud Control and Revenue Assurance solutions, today announced Versamapper, a brand new, first of a kind, free service for telecom operators to dynamically visualize physical locations of SIM Box fraud and relative revenue losses. Many operators do not have insight into the geographical distribution of bypass fraud problems and, as a result, implement inefficient control strategies. Bypass fraud controls are best optimized around the source of losses within the network. Versamapper allows telecom operators to gain quick overviews of their fraud problem, allowing them to take quick decisions toward eliminating the source of the problem. The service will be offered free of cost to telecom operators around the globe for a limited time.


Versamapper can be easily activated by signing up on the LATRO websiteand uploading the most recent fraud detection CDRs and associated network information to LATRO. Versamapper will then automatically analyze data, grouping related detections into individual localized operations with aggregated network density and financial impact metric calculations. LATRO provides a comprehensive and dynamic report of fraud operations –with actionable recommendations for the Mobile Operator or Telecom Regulator. Versamapper does not require any hardware or software installation.


Don Reinhart, COO, LATRO: “Our experience working with telecom operators for over a decade helps us create innovative solutions that take away pain points from fraud and finance departments. Many of our existing clients already tried the new and free Versamapper and have given very positive reviews. The visual, comprehensive report helped these customers choose the right strategy for their fraud control program which led to shutting down of major fraud operations through our geolocation investigation services.”


About LATRO Services


LATRO Services is the only RAFM solution provider to offer pinpoint Geolocation of SIM Box and SIM Server systems as well as report Pre-Call detections of virtualized SIM Cards used to defraud telecom operators and regional tax authorities from valuable international voice call revenues. For more than a decade, LATRO has delivered innovative managed services to telecom operators and national regulators including Advanced Signaling Analytics and Geolocation Investigations. LATRO has established itself in over fifty global markets and is the only company with expertise to pre-emptively locate and eliminate SIM Box and Bypass Fraud in telecom networks. For more details, visit


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