Innovative global RAFM vendor highlighted for its Signaling expertise, success in SIM Box geolocation and recent launch of combined RA/FM managed service


Easton, Pennsylvania – June 12, 2019 – – LATRO Services, Inc., a cutting-edge market leader for Telecom Fraud Control and Revenue Assurance solutions, today announced its participation in the 2019 Technology Research Institute Report released in May.


Over the past 25 years, the Technology Research Institute (TRI) has researched trends in the telecom industry including the telecom wholesale, fraud control, analytics and revenue assurance sectors. The 2019 495-page report entitled Telecom Fraud & Business Assurance Solutions, Services and Strategies features 48 contributing experts, including LATRO CTO/OO Don Reinhart.


Don Reinhart: “Dan Baker and TRI have consistently delivered valuable, reliable, and accurate information to the RAFM community over the years. Because we believe collaboration, information sharing, and thought leadership are essential aspects to an effective RAFM solution offering to the market, LATRO enthusiastically participates in and supports the TRI Telecom Fraud & Business Assurance Solutions, Services and Strategies report.”


Dan Baker, TRI’s principal market analyst and co-founder:“Over the last several years TRI has published three major research reports on Telecom Fraud and each time we’ve identified LATRO as a market leader in the fight to block SIM Box bypass fraud. LATRO’s technology uniquely identifies the actual location of the illegal SIM boxes and antennas.  Working as a trusted partner with law enforcement, operators, and regulators, LATRO’s systems and skills have led to the capture of thousands of illegal SIM Boxes and saved millions of dollars in revenue that would otherwise have gone to global criminals who specialize in robbing developing nations.”


Dan’s interview with Don for the Black Swan Telecom Journal in November 2018 is included in the report. The interview covered LATRO’s strength in signaling and involvement with regulatory enforcement equipment seizures, as well as the company’s network visualization of SIM Boxes and move into providing signaling to billing analytics and IoT analytic expertise.


About LATRO Services


LATRO has established itself in over fifty global markets over the past decade.  It is the only RAFM solution provider to offer pinpoint Geolocation of SIM Box and SIM Server systems as well as report Pre-Call detections of virtualized SIM Cards used to defraud telecom operators and regional tax authorities from valuable international voice call revenues. It is the only company with expertise to pre-emptively locate and eliminate SIM Box and Bypass Fraud in telecom networks.  


In addition, LATRO has expanded its RAFM managed services offerings to include cost-effective and expert revenue assurance solutions. LATRO partners with telecom operators seeking to grow their maturity across a range of business controls up to and including integration of current, big data-based RA tools. Flexibility and cash flow positive value are the hallmarks of the company’s RA products and services.




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