National Regulators, Telecom Ministries, and Law Enforcement can leverage the integrated solution to quickly detect and locate SIM Boxes even when fraudsters employ advanced tactics to avoid detection 


EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2021 — LATRO, a global provider for telecommunications revenue assurance and fraud management (RAFM) product and services solutions, today announced the successful integration of its patented Protocol Signature™ technology with UK-based Revector’s IMSI Detector Technology, which is part of Revector’s RF-based IMSI Intelligence product line.


“Protocol Signature is an innovative approach to detecting and locating illegal 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile devices including GSM VOIP Gateways or ‘SIM Boxes,’” explains Don Reinhart, LATRO’s Co-Founder and Chief Technical and Operating Officer. “Protocol Signature uses patterns of data fields deep within mobile signaling messages to differentiate and identify SIM Box devices being used to commit telecom fraud.” 


For more than ten years, LATRO has supplied market-leading fraud detection systems based on Signaling Analytics into mobile networks affected by international bypass fraud. LATRO was the first Fraud Management solution to incorporate advanced analytics aimed at rooting out costly fraudulent SIM Boxes from mobile networks by identifying patterns and protocol signaling attributes characteristic of the abusive GSM VOIP Gateway devices. 


“We have successfully applied Protocol Signature and Signaling Analytics in more than fifty networks worldwide,” says Reinhart. “Our recent technology collaboration with Revector migrates our innovative Protocol Signature technology from the edge and core networks to the radio interface. This allows National Regulators, Telecom Ministries, and other Law Enforcement agencies to quickly detect and locate SIM Box devices even when advanced features that rotate SIM Card IMSI and Device IMEI on a per-call basis are in use by fraudsters.” 


“Adoption of Protocol Signature into our Detector IMSI Intelligence products is a natural evolution of our fraud management business,” comments Andy Gent, CEO of Revector. “Revector and LATRO have been supplying complementary solutions for Bypass Fraud control for more than a decade. This technology integration and advancement represents another valuable approach for the mobile telecom industry in stopping the billions of dollars of loss due to bypass fraud worldwide annually.” 


Revector’s Detector product line includes compact radio units for use in manpack and vehicle-centric operations. The company has recently added unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drone units to its portfolio of solutions aimed at the telecom fraud management, regulator enforcement, national security, and surveillance markets. 


Don Reinhart and Andy Gent will be further discussing this strategic technology integration and advancement on LATRO’s next webinar on June 8, 2021, titled “The Role of National Regulators in Addressing Telecom Fraud.” Register for the webinar at: 


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