The Ultimate Solution for
Preventing Revenue Leakage
Assure Rev addresses revenue leakage, streamlines billing and usage data accuracy, and incorporates advanced fraud detection mechanisms. It is integral to maintaining the financial health of telecom providers, ensuring that all services, from voice to data, are accurately accounted for and billed, thereby preserving the integrity of revenue cycles. This solution stands out for its comprehensive approach to revenue assurance, combining technology and expertise to optimize financial performance in the telecom industry.
In 2021 the Risk Assurance Group (RAG) reported telecom industry revenue leakage to be $42.59 Billion USD, or 2.7% of Global Telecom Revenues.

Assure Rev is LATRO’s comprehensive Revenue Assurance solution, preventing revenue leakage.

Revenue Assurance includes key components like:

Data Integrity

Ensuring the accuracy and integrity of data related to customer billing, usage, and revenue. This involves verifying that data is correctly captured, processed, and stored throughout the telecom network.

Billing Accuracy

Checking that customer bills are generated correctly, reflecting the services used and the associated charges accurately. This includes verifying that tariff plans, rates, and discounts are applied correctly.

Reporting and Analysis

Analyzing data and generating reports to track revenue performance, identify trends, and proactively address potential issues.

Usage Assurance

Ensuring that all usage of telecom services is accurately measured and billed, whether it involves voice calls, data usage, SMS, or other services.

Interconnect Agreements

Managing and auditing interconnect agreements with other telecom operators to ensure that revenue-sharing arrangements are adhered to and that all charges are correctly invoiced and paid.

Auditing and Monitoring

Regularly auditing and monitoring systems, processes, and transactions to identify anomalies or discrepancies that may indicate potential revenue leakage.

Assure Rev Solution

Full Scope RAFM System

A comprehensive system for Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management (RAFM) that covers all aspects of telecom revenue protection and fraud detection.

Cloud-native Architecture

Flexible hosting options with a cloud-native architecture, allowing deployment in various environments including private, hybrid, or public data centers. Alternatively On-Premises.

Architected on Big Data Framework

Built on a robust big data framework, enabling efficient handling and analysis of large volumes of telecom data for enhanced decision-making.

Modular, Scalable Approach

A scalable solution that allows telecom operators to select and pay for only the modules they require, ensuring cost-effectiveness and adaptability.

New Data Sources

Offers the flexibility for users to independently add and monitor new data sources, enhancing adaptability and responsiveness.

Customizable System Implementations

Realtime Data Management System for instant data processing, a Business Intelligence Dashboard for deep analytical insights, and a Fraud Management Dashboard dedicated to detecting and mitigating fraudulent activities.


Your Comprehensive Solution for Telecom Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management. Our cloud-native system, designed on a Big Data framework, offers a full scope of RAFM modules, customizable to your specific needs. Experience unparalleled flexibility with options for private, hybrid, or public data center hosting or on-premises deployment. Enjoy the power of AI/ML integration for advanced use cases, along with a modular approach ensuring you only pay for what you need. With Assure Biz, enhance your business operations efficiency, protect against fraud, and maintain customer trust. Increase your monitoring scope and make faster decisions with real-time data, all while benefiting from our expert-managed services. Transform your telecom business with LATRO’s Assure Biz, the smarter way to safeguard your revenues and streamline your operations.

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