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In the ever-evolving telecommunications landscape, the challenge of revenue assurance is paramount for companies aiming to secure their financial stability and sustain growth. Revenue leakage, a menacing issue that haunts telco providers, can lead to substantial losses. Today, we introduce LATRO's cutting-edge solution - Assure Rev, a revolutionary Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management (RAFM) system designed to address the challenges faced by telco companies. Telco companies must grapple with data integrity, billing accuracy, fraud detection, usage assu rance, interconnect agreements, risk management, and much more. These elements form the backbone of revenue assurance, as they prevent revenue leakage due to errors, fraud, and inefficiencies.
The gravity of the situation becomes evident when you consider the staggering numbers. In 2021, the Risk Assurance Group (RAG) reported telecom industry revenue leakage of a colossal $42.59 billion USD, representing a substantial 2.7% of Global Telecom Revenues. This underscores the pressing need for a robust solution to tackle revenue assurance head-on.

Assure Rev is LATRO’s comprehensive Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management (RAFM) system, underpinned by innovation and a cloud-native architecture.

Full Scope Conventional
RAFM System

Ensuring the accuracy and integrity of data related to customer billing, usage, and revenue. This involves verifying that data is correctly captured, processed, and stored throughout the telecom network.


With the flexibility to be hosted in private, hybrid, public data centers, or on-premises, Assure Rev is designed for modern telecommunications companies. It’s built on a big data framework, ensuring scalability and adaptability to your specific needs.


Assure Rev adopts a modular and scalable approach, meaning you only pay for what you need. This flexibility allows your business to evolve without unnecessary expenditure.

Data Management

LATRO’s system enables real-time data management, empowering your business with the capability to make quick, informed decisions using real-time data.


Assure Rev ensures that your telecom operations remain compliant with regulatory reporting requirements, giving you peace of mind.


Enhance brand loyalty through positive customer interactions, protect your brand, network, and subscribers from issues, and offer an unparalleled customer experience.

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Lower Total Cost
of Ownership

LATRO’s cloud-hosted solution reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) while providing exceptional reliability.


Assure Rev supports advanced AI/ML-based use cases and integrates many 3rd party data sources. It also includes dashboarding, reporting, alarming, and case management capabilities.


LATRO offers a cost-effective solution tailored for emerging markets and Tier 3 carriers. It’s a lower-cost alternative to competitors’ systems.


Assure Rev’s cloud-native, micro-services architecture ensures faster implementation, flexibility, reliability, and a lower TCO.

Maturity and Risk

LATRO provides comprehensive maturity and risk assessments to enhance your revenue assurance strategy.

Full Scope
Managed Services

LATRO’s Managed Services act as a comprehensive support system for your Revenue Assurance needs.

IIn summary, Assure Rev by LATRO revolutionizes telecom revenue assurance, tackling the colossal problem of revenue leakage head-on with innovation, flexibility, and a customer-centric approach. By choosing Assure Rev, you’re not just adopting a solution; you’re forging a path to greater profitability, brand loyalty, and regulatory compliance in the fast-paced world of telecommunications.

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