Bypass Shield is an advanced solution designed to effectively
combat telecom bypass fraud
In the dynamic world of telecommunications, bypass fraud poses a significant threat to the revenue and integrity of network operators. Such fraudulent activities can severely impact financial outcomes, network quality, and customer trust. Introducing LATRO's Bypass Shield, a state-of-the-art solution crafted to combat telecom bypass fraud in all its forms. Designed to tackle the intricate challenges of call rerouting, fraudulent termination, and revenue loss, Bypass Shield empowers telco companies to safeguard their operations against unauthorized traffic manipulation. By employing advanced detection methods and leveraging real-time analytics, Bypass Shield focuses on maintaining the sanctity of interconnect agreements and operational efficiency. This robust system is an essential tool for telecom operators, addressing the critical need for secure and accurate call handling, while ensuring revenue protection against the complexities of bypass fraud.
In 2023, the telecommunications industry experienced a notable increase in fraud-related financial losses. Compared to 2021, there was a 12% rise in fraud loss, amounting to an estimated $38.95 billion. This figure represents 2.5% of the total telecommunications revenues for the year, highlighting a significant impact on the industry's financial health. These statistics emphasize the critical importance of effective measures and solutions to address and mitigate telecommunications fraud.

Bypass Shield is LATRO’s specialized system for tackling telecom bypass fraud, featuring cutting-edge technology and a cloud-native framework for optimal efficiency and security.

Bypass Shield
Fraud Detection and Prevention

Bypass Shield excels in detecting and preventing telecom bypass fraud, a form of fraud where telecommunication traffic is rerouted to avoid legitimate call termination agreements. By identifying and blocking these unauthorized reroutes, Bypass Shield safeguards revenue streams for telecom providers.

Advanced Technology Solutions

The system employs cutting-edge fraud detection and prevention technology. This includes Test Call Generation, CDR Analysis, and Signaling Network Analysis, enabling real-time identification and blocking of fraudulent activities.

Comprehensive Coverage

Bypass Shield offers a wide range of fraud detection methods, such as Geolocation and SIM Box Detection. This comprehensive coverage ensures that various forms of bypass fraud, including those using SIM boxes or VoIP gateways, are effectively countered.

The system supports compliance with legal and regulatory measures, playing a crucial role in deterring SIM Box fraud. This includes collaboration with law enforcement agencies and international authorities to combat fraud across borders.

Financial Impact Mitigation

By combating telecom bypass fraud, Bypass Shield significantly reduces financial losses. The CFCA estimated global industry experienced a notable increase in fraud-related financial losses. Compared to 2021, there was a 12% rise in fraud loss, amounting to an estimated $38.95 billion USD, underlining the financial impact that this solution can mitigate.

Turn-Key Solution and Speed

As a turn-key solution, Bypass Shield offers quick deployment and fast detection speeds, allowing telecom operators to rapidly respond to and mitigate fraud. This agility is crucial in the fast-paced telecom industry, where delays can lead to substantial revenue losses.

Common ways how telecom bypass fraud typically works

Call Rerouting

Fraudsters use various methods to reroute international or long-distance calls in a way that circumvents the standard international call routing paths. Instead of following established agreements and routes, they divert the calls to alternative, often unauthorized, routes.

Fraudulent Termination

Diverted calls are terminated on local networks or by using unauthorized routes, making them appear as if they are local or domestic calls. This allows fraudsters to avoid paying the higher fees associated with international call termination.

Revenue Loss

By terminating international calls as local ones, the fraudsters benefit from lower termination rates, which results in reduced revenue for the legitimate telecommunications providers that should have received payment for handling these calls.

Manipulation Techniques

Fraudsters may use a variety of techniques to carry out telecom bypass fraud, including SIM boxes (as mentioned in the previous response), voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateways, or the manipulation of signaling and routing information.

Unleashing Our Cutting-Edge Capabilities to Effectively Combat Telecom Fraud

Test Call Generator

Our platform integrates Conventional Test Call Generation (TCG) with advanced outsourced methods through Orange International Carriers, encompassing a range of techniques like the ‘Missed Call’ method and sophisticated analysis of Completed Calls, A2P SMS, OTT, and FAS. We support a variety of approaches, including traditional and innovative crowd-sourced TCG, ensuring minimal impact on operator infrastructure. Our streamlined and versatile solution offers robust fraud detection and prevention, safeguarding telecom operations.

CDR Analytics

Our system is uniquely designed for optimal performance in Call Detail Record (CDR) and eXtended Detail Record (XDR) analysis, ensuring comprehensive and efficient data processing. It features an integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) with Google Maps GUI, providing a user-friendly and visually engaging interface for spatial data analysis. The core of our system is built on a detection profile-based paradigm, which allows for customized and targeted analysis of telecom data, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of CDR analytics.

Signaling Analytics

At the heart of our technology is the patented Protocol Signature (PS) Algorithm, including PS for pre-call detections that occur before call setup, and PS+ which focuses on speaker diversity. This innovative approach allows for proactive monitoring and intricate analysis of signaling data, elevating the standard of telecom operations management. Our system is finely tuned for near real-time optimization, ensuring immediate and effective analysis of telecom signaling. It features sophisticated call flow mediation with fully integrated XDR output, providing detailed insights into network communications.


As the industry’s most trusted vendor, we offer unparalleled geolocation services. Our approach includes deploying a skilled engineer equipped with a drive test kit, enabling precise identification of SIM box locations for both operators and regulators. Looking ahead, our product roadmap includes innovative solutions to locate Fake Cell Site Simulators (CSS) or Fake Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), commonly known as SMS Blasters. Our service is available both as a cloud-hosted solution (private data center) or an on-premise deployment, providing flexibility to meet diverse operational needs. We excel in aggregating multi-source detections, offering a comprehensive view of geolocation data. This is further enhanced by our integration with GIS and Google Maps GUI, providing a user-friendly and visually informative interface for superior spatial data analysis.


Bypass Shield by LATRO stands as the industry’s benchmark in effectively combating Bypass and SIM Box Fraud. Recognized as the trusted leader in this domain, LATRO offers comprehensive, turn-key solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients. A significant advantage of Bypass Shield is the inclusion of Managed Services, where LATRO’s experts handle the entire process, offering a hassle-free experience for the client.

At the core of Bypass Shield is an advanced AI/ML integration, which significantly reduces false positives, ensuring high accuracy in fraud detection. This technology enables the solution to proactively stop fraud before it materializes, thereby safeguarding revenue and network integrity.

The solution is renowned for its rapid detection capabilities, delivering swift results and is poised to introduce Offnet detection to its repertoire. Bypass Shield is adept at detecting both Onnet and Offnet Bypass fraud, showcasing its extensive coverage in fraud prevention.

Bypass Shield extends its protective measures beyond traditional bypass fraud, covering a spectrum of fraudulent activities like CLI Spoofing, Flash Calling, and Wangiri frauds. This broad scope ensures clients are shielded from various emerging and sophisticated fraud tactics.

Moreover, Bypass Shield offers additional network insights, providing clients with valuable data for informed decision-making and strategy development. This holistic approach to fraud prevention positions LATRO’s Bypass Shield as an indispensable tool for telecom operators seeking robust, efficient, and forward-thinking solutions in fraud management.

Bypass Shield

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