Uncover the Truth: Excellence in Mobile Forensics

In the first half of 2021, Apple received 3,217 device requests from U.S. government and law enforcement agencies, specifying 9,363 devices. Apple provided data for 81% of these requests. Google received 40,338 U.S. government requests for user data affecting 83,334 accounts in 2021 (first half). They provided some data in response to 83% of these requests. Digital device data is a key part of modern-day investigations.

Our Cellular Forensics Solutions bring our expertise in the telecom world, big data, and advanced analytics to cellular forensics to help attorneys and law enforcement sift through the data to ensure they make the suitable case and justice is served.

Our Cellular Forensics Lab

Cell Phone Forensics

We utilize the Cellebrite UFED (Universal Forensic Extraction Device) and associated software to either perform forensic examinations of digital devices or to analyze the UFD files obtained from previously conducted Cellebrite examinations.

Call Detail Records (CDRs) Analysis & Mapping

At our very own Cellular Forensics Lab (CFL) we use advanced analytical software to analyze and graphicalls map cell phone records. During this process, our analysts break down the large amount of data provided by the Mobile Network Operators into usable information that meets the needs of your specific investigation.

Private Investigations

LATRO’s experienced investigators assist our attorney clients with their criminal or civil cases by conducting thorough investigations and consulting with them throughout the process.

Our Approach

Our Cellular Forensics Lab offers attorneys, law enforcement agencies, private investigators, and other institutions with the assistance in investigations involving the large amounts of data and evidence extracted from digital devices, as well as the combination of advanced CDR analysis & mapping.  Our experts are also qualified and credentialed to testify in US courts.

Positioned as a registered US Government contractor, LATRO not only aligns with governmental digital forensic requirements but also extends its expertise to specialty equipment procurement, data analytics, and data collection, such as RF surveys. Our commitment ensures you receive unwavering trial testimony support and precise data analytics, clearing a path through the complex digital landscapes to substantiate your investigations. We offer:

  • Cell Phone Forensics & Investigative Specialists
  • Experienced Analysts in both Call Detail Records & Cell Phone Extraction Reports
  • State of the Art Forensic Equipment and Technology to Aid in Cellular Related and Private Investigations
  • Certified Expert U.S.A. Court Witness Experience
  • Cellular Network Survey data collection


In the realm of digital forensics, LATRO’s Forensics Solutions are pivotal in addressing the challenges posed by the vast amounts of data stored in digital devices, which are crucial in modern investigations. LATRO’s expertise in telecom, big data, and advanced analytics enhances the capabilities of cellular forensics, aiding attorneys, law enforcement, and private investigators.

Our Cellular Forensics Lab stands out in this field. It provides comprehensive support in investigations involving extensive data from digital devices, combining advanced Call Detail Records (CDR) analysis and mapping. Their experts are also credentialed to offer court testimony, ensuring that legal proceedings are backed by reliable technical expertise.

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