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In the dynamic world of telecommunications, combating fraud is a critical task that telecom operators must undertake to safeguard their networks and revenues. Fraud, a pervasive and constantly evolving threat, poses significant challenges to the integrity and financial health of telecom services. Enter LATRO's Fraud Shield, a state-of-the-art Fraud Management System designed with the complexities of the telecom industry in mind.
In 2023, the telecommunications industry faces a significant challenge with Subscription (Application) Fraud, now recognized as the top fraud concern. Accounting for a staggering 14% of all telecom fraud, it translates to a profound financial impact of approximately $5.46 billion USD. This alarming statistic highlights the critical need for robust security measures and advanced fraud detection strategies in the telecom sector.

Fraud Shield is LATRO’s advanced solution for telecom fraud prevention, featuring cutting-edge AI integration and a robust, near real-time detection Fraud Management System.

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Navigating the Top Threats
in the Telecom Industry

Call Fraud

This involves unauthorized access to a telecom network to make calls or send messages without proper authentication or payment. Fraudsters often use techniques like hacking into phone systems, exploiting vulnerabilities, or stealing account credentials to make fraudulent calls. These calls can result in substantial financial losses for telecom operators.

Subscription Fraud

In subscription fraud, individuals or organized groups acquire telecom services, such as mobile phone lines or internet connections, using false or stolen identities. They may rack up high bills and then disappear, leaving telecom providers with unpaid bills.

Mobile Money Fraud

Providing a complete set of controls that can cover every aspect of the Mobile Money business including fraud detection and compliance. It includes real-time detections for various types of mobile money fraud such as: money laundering, false transactions, dealer fraud, registration fraud, and internal fraud.

SIM Card Swapping

Criminals may swap SIM cards to gain access to a victim’s mobile phone service. This allows them to make calls, send messages, and access data on behalf of the victim, often resulting in unauthorized charges

Wangiri and PRS Fraud

Fraudsters set up Premium Rate Service (PRS) phone lines or SMS services and then entice consumers to call or text these numbers by making Wangiri or “One Ring” missed calls and messages. Victims are often unaware of the exorbitant charges they will incur, and fraudsters make money from the inflated rates.

Roaming Fraud

Roaming fraud occurs when a user fraudulently accesses international roaming services without authorization. This can result in significant financial losses for telecom operators due to higher international tariffs and usage costs.

International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF)

IRSF involves criminals setting up high-cost international phone lines and routing calls through them. Telecom operators are then forced to pay exorbitant fees to the fraudsters, who share in the revenue generated.

Compromised VoIP Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services are vulnerable to hacking and fraud, with criminals making unauthorized calls using compromised VoIP accounts or services.

Phishing and Spamming

Fraudsters use phishing emails, text messages, or phone calls to trick individuals into revealing sensitive information like account credentials or personal identification numbers (PINs). With this information, criminals can gain unauthorized access to telecom accounts and make fraudulent charges.

Critical Frauds and Their Impact:
The High-Stakes Threats

Top 10 Fraud Methods 2023

  1. Subscription (Application) Fraud – 14%, or $5.46B USD
  2. Subscription (Credit Mule) Fraud – 13%, or $5.07B USD
  3. PBX Fraud – 11%, or $4.29B USD
  4. Account Take Over – 7%, or $2.73B USD
  5. Service/Equipment Abuse – 6%, or $2.34B USD
  6. Wangiri Fraud – 5%, or $1.95B USD
  7. Social Engineering – 4%, or $1.56B USD
  8. Phishing – 4%, or $1.56B USD
  9. Spoofing – 4%, or $1.56B USD
  10. SIM Swap – 4%, or $1.56B USD

Top 10 Fraud Types 2023

  1. Device/Equipment Resale – 19%, or $7.41B USD
  2. International Revenue Share Fraud – 16%, or $6.24B USD
  3. Traffic Pumping – 13%, or $5.07B USD
  4. Voice Bypass – 13%, or $5.07B USD
  5. Wholesale Fraud – 6%, or $2.34B USD
  6. Domestic Revenue Share – 6%, or $2.34B USD
  7. Data Resale – 6%, or $2.34B USD
  8. Commission/Dealer – 3%, or $1.17B USD
  9. Arbitrage – 3%, or $1.17B USD
  10. Content Fraud – 3%, or $1.17B USD

Fraud Shield Capabilities

We empower you to beat fraud before it happens, protecting your income and assuring the highest levels of control for your business through innovative and state-of-the-art technology that applies the most dynamic and effect detection and blocking solutions on the market. LATRO’s Fraud Management solution supports an end-to-end view of fraud by monitoring internal and external data sources within a single platform to defend against

Our capabilites make the difference

  • Scalable Platform Designed for Small and Medium Operators
  • Cloud-Native with Micro-Services Architecture
  • Near Real-Time Detection and Proactive Blocking of Fraudulent Activity
  • Ability to Monitor Multiple Network Data Sources
  • Adaptability to support New Fraud Scenarios
  • Easy-to-Use Tool for Rule Configuration
  • Advanced AI/ML-Powered Algorithms for Predicting and Detecting Outliers
  • Support for API Integration
  • Customizable System Implementations
  • Comprehensive Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • Case Management


Fraud Shield stands as LATRO’s advanced solution, equipped with AI integration and near real-time detection capabilities, addressing various fraud types like call fraud, mobile money fraud, SIM card swapping, Wangiri and PRS fraud, roaming fraud, IRSF, compromised VoIP services, and phishing. The system empowers operators to preempt fraud, understand its nuances, and stay ahead of threats, ensuring network security and customer trust.

Fraud Shield capabilities include a scalable platform suitable for small and medium operators, cloud-native architecture, real-time detection, multi-network data source monitoring, and adaptability to new fraud scenarios. It features an easy-to-use tool for rule configuration, AI/ML-powered algorithms, API support, customizable implementations, and a comprehensive business intelligence dashboard. This system is an all-encompassing solution for telecom operators to combat and stay ahead of the constantly evolving landscape of telecom fraud.

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