Interconnect Shield
The Ultimate Solution Against
Telecom Interconnect Fraud
Interconnect Shield is designed to tackle various facets of interconnect fraud such as flash calling, CLI refiling, fake roamers, and Wangiri fraud. These fraud types, often difficult to detect and stop in real-time, can now be efficiently managed with LATRO's solution. The importance of swift detection and prevention is paramount, as the time taken to identify and halt interconnect bypass fraud is directly proportional to the financial losses incurred. The solution's agility and ability to provide additional network insights make it an indispensable tool for telecom operators worldwide. With the Interconnect Shield, LATRO empowers operators to navigate the complexities of interconnect fraud, safeguarding their revenues and ensuring sustainable growth in the competitive telecom landscape.
The gravity of the situation becomes evident when you consider the staggering numbers. In 2021, the Risk Assurance Group (RAG) reported telecom industry revenue leakage of a colossal $42.59 billion USD, representing a substantial 2.7% of Global Telecom Revenues. This underscores the pressing need for a robust solution to tackle revenue assurance head-on.

Interconnect Shield, a comprehensive solution crafted to bolster interconnect security. Specifically tailored to combat interconnect fraud, a pervasive issue that significantly impacts the telecom sector’s revenue and operational integrity.

Interconnect frauds that can be detected
and stopped in real-time

Flash Calling

Brief or “flashed” calls are made by a consumer to a business or service provider, where the call is deliberately cut off before it connects. The missed call serves as a signal or code to convey specific information or trigger a predefined action. It is used primarily in progressive markets and regions with limited internet access or where mobile data is expensive.

CLI Refiling

“CLI refiling” typically refers to the practice of “Call Line Identity” (CLI) manipulation. CLI is also known as Caller ID, and it’s the phone number that appears on the recipient’s phone when a call is made. CLI refiling with fraudulent intent is illegal and subject to penalties.

Fake Roamers

“Fake roamer” describes a fraudulent or unauthorized user of roaming services. This is often associated with SIM Card cloning, ID Theft, Stolen Devices, and exploitation of vulnerabilities in the roaming systems of mobile operators. Roaming fraud occurs when unauthorized mobile phone users are allowed to make and receive calls, send texts, and use data services while traveling outside their home network’s coverage area by connecting to other networks.

Wangiri Fraud

“Wangiri fraud” is a type of telecommunications fraud or scam that involves missed or dropped calls, often with the aim of tricking people into calling back premium-rate or international phone numbers. The term “wangiri” is Japanese and translates to “one ring and cut.”

Origin-Based Rating (OBR)

“OBR fraud” occurs when enterprises or an interconnect carrier partner manipulates the location or origin of a call or message in order to take advantage of different pricing or billing structures across geographic regions. This fraud exploits the variations in call rates and tariffs between different regions or countries, allowing the fraudster to benefit financially. OBR fraud can result in financial losses for telecom operators and can lead to unfair billing practices for legitimate subscribers.

Timing is critical

There is a direct correlation between the amount of time it takes an operator to detect and stop Interconnect bypass fraud and the amount of financial losses incurred. So, it is imperative for operators to be able to detect and stop, and even proactively prevent, this fraud in real-time.

Solution Overview

Combat Interconnect
Bypass Fraud in real-time

  • Real-time Call Interception and Blocking
  • Wide range of integration options with the network, including CAMEL, SIP, Diameter
  • Intercepting incoming and/or outgoing calls, on-net and/or off-net

Key Features

  • Validate calling party information
  • Detect, monetize, and/or block Flash Calls
  • Detect CLI Refiling/Origin Based Rating Fraud
  • Detect Fake Romers
  • Detect and stop Robocalling campaigns
  • Detect and stop Wangiri Fraud campaigns
  • Assure Interconnect Policy Compliance
  • Modern cloud-based architecture allows for easy set via commercial-grade SIP trunking


Experience the Power of Prevention with LATRO’s Interconnect Shield: The Industry’s Gold Standard in Real-Time Fraud Detection and Prevention. As the trusted leader in Interconnect Bypass Fraud Prevention, LATRO delivers unparalleled speed and accuracy in detecting fraud. Our turn-key solutions are designed for swift, decisive action, enabling you to identify, block, or monetize fraudulent activities like CLI Spoofing, Flash Calling, and Wangiri fraud in real-time. With the ability to stop fraudsters in their tracks before they even complete their first call, our system significantly reduces potential revenue losses. Our sophisticated AI/ML integration ensures fewer false positives, offering a more reliable and efficient fraud detection process. Choose LATRO’s Interconnect Shield for comprehensive fraud protection, managed services, and deeper network insights, all tailored to keep your telecom business secure and thriving.

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