Versalytics Intelligence

Simplify, explore, and discover your data ​with a flexible analytics solution.​

Purpose-Built Data Analytics​ for Your Mobile Network

Our Purpose-Built Data Analytics is designed by telecom experts to support the design and implementation of data-driven AI/ML strategies for your mobile network.

We recognize that the telecommunications industry is rapidly experiencing digital transformation. There is a constant demand to add more products and services all while battling fierce competition and pursuing higher revenues and margin targets.

Business Units within CSPs are struggling to support added responsibilities with limited staff – and most importantly – they are left with massive amounts of unleveraged data hiding strategic insights.

With a purpose-built AI/ML solution that is designed by telecom experts, you can effectively uncover all your data and implement effective data-driven AI/ML Strategies across all your departments.

Why Versalytics Intelligence?

  • We will build whatever you need.

    We are technically strong, and we have the domain knowledge required for success.

  • We know data.

    We have over a decade of experience as Analytics Masters, Big Data Experts, and Technical Geniuses within the Telecom Industry.

  • We are a team of industry experts.

    With backgrounds as Head of Telecom Fraud Management, Cellular Forensics Detective, Technical Projects Director, and much more.

  • We will support you through every step.

    We understand the competing priorities within each telecom department and the limited experience with data science. We will walk with you through every step of the design, implementation, and interpretation process to help set your team up for success.

The Capabilities

Prediction & Forecasting

  • ​Forecasting subscriber renewals​
  • Churn Prediction​
  • Network Outage Prediction & Planning​
  • Bad Debt Prediction ​
  • Predicting subscribers opting-in for new services


  • Geographic customer segmentation​
  • Behavior driven customer segmentation

Outlier Detection

  • Anomaly Detection for high usage subscribers​
  • Anomaly Detection for Dealer Fraud​
  • Anomaly Detection for Mobile Money Fraud​
  • Anomaly Detection for network usage and traffic behavior

AI/ML Exploration

  • Drag-and-drop data exploration ​
  • Built-in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) models​
  • Auto-ML models​
  • Feature engineering​
  • Feature importance
Purpose-Built Data Analytics​ for Data-Driven AI/ML Strategies

Data Insights

  • Enhanced CDR Dashboard ​
  • Usage per cell site/region​
  • Advanced FM Detection Reporting​
  • Integration with 3rd party visualization tools

Use Cases


  • Customer Segmentation ​
  • Churn Prediction​
  • Pricing​
  • Recommendation System

Customer Care

  • Customer Experience & Satisfaction​
  • Bad Debt Prediction​
  • Customer Engagement Analysis


  • Network Quality Analysis​
  • Network Resource​
  • Forecasting/Planning

Custom Use Cases

  • Can’t find what you are looking for? We will build it for you! Check out our publication on Versalytics Intelligence here.

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