Revenue Assurance

For too long, telecom operators lost millions of dollars in revenue because legacy revenue assurance systems could not report reconciliations soon enough. LATRO’s Revenue Assurance Solutions and Managed Services allow you to focus on what is important in your job role by delivering innovations (that LATRO is well-known for) like Near Real-Time Reconciliations, AI-enabled tracking engine, and more.

Typical Threats & Risks to RAFM

Threats and Risks to RAFM - Revenue Assurance

Introducing Versassure™

LATRO’s Revenue Assurance Solution, Versassure, allows you to focus on your core business by providing exceptional customer experience and ensuring that all services have been correctly provisioned, billing is accurate, and customer complaints are minimal. The various modules of Versassure allow you to ensure that different aspects of your core network, marketing, finance, customer service, are functioning correctly.

Top Features

Network and Usage Assurance

Network and Usage Assurance

Get end-to-end validations that provide insights into revenue leakages due to network configuration errors and mismatched usage records.

Rating and Billing Assurance

Rating and Billing Assurance

Provide validations for prepaid & postpaid bundles, packages, services, and promotions. It also provides insights and reports on mismatches between Tariff / Rating configurations with CRM, Self-service portal and PoS platforms, Life cycle validation, and more.

Order Entry and Provisioning

Order Entry & Provisioning

Ensure all subscription types (pre/post), status, and services are synchronized and consistent across the network elements and platforms.

Partner Management

Partner Management

Provide integrity on settlement between CSP on roaming, interconnect, wholesale and MNO/MVNO agreements. And ensure all settlement and commission payouts are accurate and aligned with partners agreements and business rules.

Customer Management in Revenue Assurance

Customer Management

Provide control for revenue leakage caused by mismatches found on customers’ balances on Online Charging System, Voucher Management System, Billing system adjustments or profile.

Mobile Money Assurance

Mobile Money Assurance

Provide 360 degrees view of Mobile Money activities for all stakeholders in the Mobile Money business?, providing insights for subscriptions, deposit, withdrawal, Peer to Peer transfers, utility payments, overall balance and transaction trends.

Versassure Revenue Assurance Solution from LATRO

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