Advanced Fraud Management Reporting.

Simplify your data & mitigate your reporting inefficiencies.


Mobile Operators continue to invest in a many third-party systems – in addition to in-house tools – to detect widespread fraud controls such as SIM Box Fraud, IRSF, Wangiri Attacks, PBX Hacking, Dealer Fraud, CLI Refiling, Subscription Fraud, OTT, Spamming…). This results in countless different system portals and reports that complicate reconciliation, benchmarking, and make it very difficult to see the full picture!


Fraud Management functions within a Mobile Network Operator are just one of the many responsibilities for the RAFM team.

  • Identify Revenue Leakage

  • Create & Maintain RA Controls

  • Perform Margin Analysis

  • Review Promotions & Special Offers

  • Reconcile CDRs

  • Detect Fraud



Versareporter helps Operators by simplifying their data feeds and mitigating reporting inefficiencies.

  • Centralized On-Demand Data

    Make sense of ALL your data in one centralized location

  • Expect the Unexpected

    Stop worrying about changes to future data formats and integrating new data sources

  • Customized Visualization

    Build different dashboards to view your data based on your preference and business role.

  • Reliable Enrichment

    Depend on the most updated and accurate numbering plain in the industry to qualify your data (Phone Numbers)


ETL & automated actions in real-time

Centralized data processing

Meaningful data enrichment

Agile configuration for parsers, reports, and visuals

Powerful Visualizations

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