Role of TCG in Bypass Fraud Mitigation

International Bypass Fraud has been a long-standing plague to telecommunications industry revenues for many years. Bypass fraudsters offer to connect incoming international voice calls to local markets by redirecting them through Voice-over-IP (VOIP) gateways toward mobile or fixed line subscribers. The most common VOIP gateway is commonly known as a SIM Box. Figure [...]

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Why LATRO is teaming with Mobius to offer best-in-class Bypass Fraud Control

Bypass Fraudsters are getting smarter. They must. We all know the international voice termination business is shrinking. We are past the dawn of emergent Over-the-Top (OTT) applications and well into the new day of free and low cost ubiquitous voice and messaging services, allowing us to connect internationally for business and personal communications. This [...]

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LATRO Confiscates 150 SIM Boxes in 100 Days (with PICS)

The first quarter of 2018 has proven to be a productive season for us as we focus on our mission to recover international voice traffic revenue for our clients around the world. In Q1 2018, LATRO partnered with mobile operators, telecom regulators, and law enforcement to locate and confiscate 150 GSM Gateways (fraudulent SIM [...]

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