O Lojista, a Firma e o Único KPI que Importa

Havia um Lojista que administrava um mercado de frutas bem-sucedido em uma área movimentada de uma grande cidade. O Lojista era conhecido por fornecer produtos da melhor qualidade, ter o melhor atendimento ao cliente e oferecer um preço competitivo - e foi recompensado com muitos clientes e com um negócio crescente e de sucesso. Com [...]

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Focusing on the 5%. Why negative customer feedback matters to LATRO

In 2020, the GSMA reported over 5.1 billion mobile subscribers globally – this unprecedented level of connectivity and information is at an all-time high. Modern network monitoring technology has advanced, providing operators with enormous amounts of data. Understanding this information can prove to be a daunting task – especially for fraud teams. The ability to [...]

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2019 Reflections That Inspire Us Toward 2020

I am not a reflective person by nature. I tend to always be looking ahead and working toward the next set of goals and challenges in front of me. During our 2020 kickoff meetings in January, I was reminded that pausing for reflection is not only healthy but an impactful way to position our team [...]

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[VIDEO] Conversations with LATRO: The Co-Founders Edition

We got our Co-Founders to sit down and have an unscripted chat about their experience working together and building LATRO. The result was an uncut, single take video of a very thoughtful conversation between them.  Shot at our US headquarters in Easton, Pennsylvania, we hear them talk about how the telecom market has evolved, specifically [...]

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