LATRO Empowers Halotel Tanzania Revenue Growth with Bypass Fraud Management Solutions

LATRO Empowers Halotel Tanzania Revenue Growth with Bypass Fraud Management Solutions Introduction The telecom industry faces a relentless challenge with fraud, significantly impacting revenue and customer trust. Halotel Tanzania's partnership with LATRO exemplifies a successful strategy in combating this persistent issue. The Persistent Threat of Telecom Fraud Halotel grappled with SIM Box Fraud and [...]

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Versalytics Intelligence™ for Advanced Telecom Fraud and Anomaly Detection

Versalytics Intelligence™ for Advanced Telecom Fraud and Anomaly Detection. In today's highly interconnected digital world, the telecom industry is grappling with vast amounts of data generated every second. With the proliferation of smart devices, IoT applications, and high-speed connectivity, the velocity, variety, and volume of data are reaching unprecedented levels. This era of 'big [...]

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Tackling SIM Box Fraud with Regulatory Restrictions – A Case Study

INTRODUCTION Protecting today’s international voice termination revenues is not easy work. Due to sophisticated and evolving fraud techniques, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) face growing challenges in detecting bypass terminations. The battle becomes even more difficult when Operators must comply with strict Regulatory restrictions that favor mobile subscribers over the Operator’s fraud controls. [...]

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5 Clear Steps To Eliminating Your SIM Box Fraud Problem

At LATRO, we take pride in being able to partner with our customers to help them solve their complex business problems through the use of our innovative and unique advanced technology. One area we have proven ourselves a best in class solution provider? Helping you proactively solve  your SIM Box Fraud problem.  Read more [...]

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[VIDEO] Conversations with LATRO: The Co-Founders Edition

We got our Co-Founders to sit down and have an unscripted chat about their experience working together and building LATRO. The result was an uncut, single take video of a very thoughtful conversation between them.    Shot at our US headquarters in Easton, Pennsylvania, we hear them talk about how the telecom market has [...]

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We’re Turning Away Business in 2019 Because of Occam

It has been a fun start to 2019. It is fun because, as a team, we at LATRO have never had more clients, never had as large an annual sales forecast, and never turned down business in the first quarter before. To our prospective clients who are processing their 2019 contracts and purchase orders [...]

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[VIDEO] “It was raining SIM cards!” – My Conversation with Don & Meghan

Happy New Year! I hope you are having a wonderful start to the year.    I’m excited to kickstart the first post to our company blog in 2019 with this engaging video, where I chat with 2 of my favorite work colleagues here at LATRO! At the end of 2018, we got a camera, [...]

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Why LATRO is teaming with Mobius to offer best-in-class Bypass Fraud Control

Bypass Fraudsters are getting smarter. They must. We all know the international voice termination business is shrinking. We are past the dawn of emergent Over-the-Top (OTT) applications and well into the new day of free and low cost ubiquitous voice and messaging services, allowing us to connect internationally for business and personal communications. This [...]

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Fraudsters Are Happy for 2018 TCG Contract Renewals (Reflections on 2017 and a Look Forward to 2018)

A turn in the calendar year often correlates to renewed managed services contracts for many mobile network operators. Despite a shrinking international voice interconnect traffic market due to the likes of everyone’s favorite Over-The-Top (OTT) applications, opportunistic fraudsters continue to siphon termination minutes from high margin markets- especially in the [...]

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