How Signaling Analytics Helps LATRO Combat Wangiri Fraud

Introduction  The telecom fraud landscape is ever-changing. Methodologies, tactics, and different types of fraud are always being identified and contested. Recently, LATRO identified a shift in the telecom fraud trend towards Wangiri fraud against one of our South American clients. Wangiri fraud, although not new to the telecom fraud world, began affecting Guyana at more frequent rates and higher volumes than previously identified.  As defined by the GSMA Fraud [...]

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Tackling OFF-NET Fraud: Download the Case Study

  How are you managing amidst the various COVID-19 implications in your own personal and professional life? We hope you are staying safe and healthy and looking for ways to continue to grow in the midst of the pandemic. Our team has endeavored to use this time to reflect on our past successes and challenges [...]

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O Lojista, a Firma e o Único KPI que Importa

  Havia um Lojista que administrava um mercado de frutas bem-sucedido em uma área movimentada de uma grande cidade. O Lojista era conhecido por fornecer produtos da melhor qualidade, ter o melhor atendimento ao cliente e oferecer um preço competitivo - e foi recompensado com muitos clientes e com um negócio crescente e de [...]

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Focusing on the 5%. Why negative customer feedback matters to LATRO

In 2020, the GSMA reported over 5.1 billion mobile subscribers globally – this unprecedented level of connectivity and information is at an all-time high. Modern network monitoring technology has advanced, providing operators with enormous amounts of data. Understanding this information can prove to be a daunting task – especially for fraud teams. The ability [...]

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2019 Reflections That Inspire Us Toward 2020

I am not a reflective person by nature. I tend to always be looking ahead and working toward the next set of goals and challenges in front of me. During our 2020 kickoff meetings in January, I was reminded that pausing for reflection is not only healthy but an impactful way to position our [...]

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Why are we a leading SIM Box Detection Vendor for 2019?

ROCCO Research recently released its 2019 report on the performance of SIM Box Detection Vendors. The report is based on input and feedback from 134 mobile network operators across 111 countries. 17 vendors were considered in the report with the goal of providing an in depth analysis on “35+ Key Performance Indicators defined by [...]

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[VIDEO] “Helping Our Customers Save the Day” – My Conversation with David & Sarah

In this interesting and informative video, David, Sarah and I sat down at our U.S.  office in Easton, Pennsylvania to talk about what the ideal relationship with a client looks like and how by collaborating well with our customers ,we help  them beat the fraudsters.   With several years of impressive work experience accumulated [...]

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What I Learned at Our LATRO 2019 User Conference

Building a customer base is hard work. After we landed our first contract for a Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management (RAFM) Bypass Control solution in 2008, we had our first customer. In subsequent pre-sales meetings where we sought to earn a second customer, I always dreaded the inevitable question … “So, what customer references [...]

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